APS News Release

P-EBT Update and Activation Information


The Commonwealth of Virginia is mailing out grocery debit card to families with children who receive free and reduced meals through APS. It is a white, plastic card (similar to a credit card) with black lettering: “Virginia P-EBT.” Please do not throw away any mail that could be your P-EBT card. If you are unsure, contact your school social worker. A list of APS social workers is available online.

The card must be activated and you must create a PIN prior to use. Directions for activating the card are below. Following activation, use the money at any SNAP eligible grocery store (most markets and pharmacies).

For those families who already have an EBT card for SNAP or TANF, additional money will be loaded onto your existing card in the same amount as those receiving cards for the first time.

The P-EBT cards are a one-time benefit provided to those who qualified for free and reduced meals at the time of distribution. We have not been informed of any plans to distribute cards in the future or to distribute cards retroactively. If your child does not receive free or reduced meals but you think your child may qualify, you are encouraged to apply online at https://www.myschoolapps.com/. Applying now will ensure that you receive any future benefits for which you are eligible.

How to activate the P-EBT card 

  1. Call 1-866-281-2448
  2. Enter the entire card number (16 digits)
  3. When you asked for Social Security number, enter:  0000
  4. Date of birth of the oldest student  who receives free and reduced lunch (under 18 years old) enter the birth date month-day-year (mm/dd/yyyy; for example:  February 12, 2010 would be: 02/12/2010)
  5. Create a PIN (4 numbers you will remember)
  6. Re-enter the PIN when asked
  7. Listen to hear the balance available on the card
  8. The card is ready to use