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Access@APS Begins Transition to New Log In on Friday, February 1

CORRECTION: The following was updated on Friday, February 1 to clarify and correct information regarding the transition. 

On February 1st, Information Services will begin the process of transitioning the access to applications currently on the access@APS page from OneLogin to the new system called MyAccess@APS. The transition is anticipated to take 30-60 days, we will keep you informed about the progress as specific software applications are migrated from the old OneLogin system to the new MyAccess@APS system.This transition will bring three important benefits to APS:

  • Additional applications, including STARS, will be available through single sign-on.
  • If you forget your password you will be able to reset it yourself, anytime, anywhere.
  • The security of APS data, including all employees’ personal information, will be increased with the addition of Multi-Factor Authentication to our off-site authentication process, meaning a user will only be granted access after successfully giving two or more pieces of information that only the user knows. (This is the system that many banks and financial institutions now use to protect your data.)

What you should do (this must be performed while you are at work):

  • Log into the MyAccess@APS system from inside the APS network (http://myaccess.apsva.us)
    • Change your password if prompted
    • Follow the prompts to setup your security questions (this will enable you to change your own password in the future!)
    • Click on ‘Profile’ and enter your cell phone number (this is required so you can receive an access code to enter and then access applications from outside the APS network)
  • Begin using the MyAccess@APS portal so you become familiar with this new page

Additional information:

  • When the authentication for an application is moved from the current OneLogin to the new MyAccess@APS, you will be automatically redirected to the MyAccess@APS page to login.
  • When the transition is complete, if you are accessing an application from outside the APS network, you will need to enter a one-time code sent to your mobile phone. This will happen every time you access an application remotely or use the MyAccess@APS page from outside the APS network. During the transition, more and more applications will require entering the one-time code sent to your mobile phone to access the application from outside the network.
  • During the transition you will be able to access the applications through either the old access@APS or the new MyAccess@APS portal.
  • Once we have finished this transition, the old access@APS page will be closed.
  • We expect the full transition will take between 30 and 60 days.
  • This is part of the larger project to relocate the APS Data Center from the old Ed Center on N. Quincy Street to the new Data Center on S. Taylor Street

Please share any concerns or questions you have by emailing 2847@apsva.us.