APS News Briefs

School News Round Up Oct 26, 2018

Henry 4th gradersHenry Fourth Graders Become Archaeologists
fourth Grade Teacher Ashley Snyder her students explored outside the classroom in the Habitat Yard—a hands on experience of how archaeologists at Werowocomoco and Jamestown found, cared for, and analyzed primary sources in order to learn about the past. Henry students put these pieces together to create a picture of what life was like long ago – the wrote about their findings and discussed it in class.

YHS Student LeadersYHS Student-Leaders Learn Valuable Skills

Yorktown student-leaders spent time at the Arlington Knights of Columbus for a Student-Leaders Retreat where they learned about leadership skills and worked in inclusion in student-led organizations. Yorktown teachers Stephanie Meadows, Chris Mauthe, and Shari Benites organized this opportunity.

Key Buddy BenchKey Buddy Bench Honors Long-time Assistant Principal

Last Friday, Key School students and staff surprised former assistant principal Evelyn Fernandez with a plaque and new bench for the playground.  It is called the Buddy Bench. We dedicated this to Sra. Fernandez who has always been a friend to so many and always encouraged kids to be kind and be a buddy!

Lion Pride Day at Long BranchMix it up Day Builds Lion Pride

Long Branch Lion Prides got together on Mon, Oct. 22 with the focus on getting to know each other better in preparation of “Mix it Up Day” that tool place on Oct. 23 during all lunch periods. The Lion Prides Learned about UNICEF, a United Nations organization that helps children in need all over the world. This year, hurricanes and typhoons affected many children here in the United States and worldwide. All students received a “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” box if they planned on going trick or treating. All proceeds will go to help families with health care, safe water, nutrition, education and emergency relief.

WL Sexual Assulat AwarenessW-L Volleyball Team Brings Sexual Assault Awareness to Students

On Oct. 11, the Washington-Lee Varsity Vollyball team sponsored a Sexual Assault Awareness event during their game against Langley. Clubs such as W-L’s Men of Respect club joined the volleyball players and set up tables for people to pledge to believe and support sexual assault victims. Players read statements from survivors and promoted healthy relationship behaviors.

Bullying at GlebeGlebe Students Participate in Anti-Bullying Activities

During the week of October 15-19, Glebe students and staff increased their awareness to help identify and address bullying. Classroom counseling lessons presented by school counselors Mary McInerney and Debra Gaeta provided students with ATSS Tier I direct instruction on bullying prevention strategies and a school bulletin board was decorated to increase bystander action. Specific spirit week activities were spearheaded by Glebe school psychologist Eleanor Lewis and school social worker Laura Weil. With the help of the supportive and enthusiastic fifth grade teachers and students, anti-bullying posters were developed and displayed around the school. Each day of the week there was a school-wide announcement that included bullying definitions, action steps (Recognize, Report, Refuse) and concrete ideas on how to be kind and inclusive. In addition to the daily announcements, each day had its own theme including shades Tuesday – “Throwing Shade to Bullies,” mismatched Thursday – “Glebe and Bullying Don’t Mix,” and the ever-popular pajama Friday – “Put Bullying to Bed.”  It was a fun and educational week of increased bullying awareness and knowledge that culminated with movie night on the Glebe field.

Expedtionary Learner founder on Berger visits CampbellExpeditionary Learning Chief Academic Officer Visits Campbell

On Fri, Oct. 19, Ron Berger, the Chief Academic Officer for ELEducation visited Campbell Elementary School for the first time since Campbell adopted Expeditionary Learning Education as its educational platform. Berger came to witness firsthand how Campbell is implementing EL several years ago. He began the day as part of the audience for Campbell’s fall outdoor community meeting, a student-run assembly which highlights student work throughout the school. Berger, a former classroom teacher, who has worked for ELEducation for the last 12 years, got to observe lessons, talk to student panels, and ask questions.  He expressed great appreciation for the hard work teachers and students are doing to integrate the program which focuses on Mastery of Knowledge and Skills, Character, and High Qualilty Work in part by requiring each grade level PreK-5 to immerse themselves in two “Learning Expeditions” per year which focus on a local issues or problems. He was impressed with the level of inclusion and outdoor learning at Campbell as well as the sense of community within our school.

Senator Tim Kaine at the Career CenterSenator Visits Career Center

On the morning of Oct. 15, the Career Center had the honor of hosting Senator Tim Kaine for a tour of the school and a town hall style meeting. After visiting several classrooms, Kaine spoke with a large group of students in the commons about the value of Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes. Additionally, he took a lot of great questions from the students on a variety of issues and  he responded with keen insight on some of these challenges.

Stratford Fall FestivalStratford’s Fall Festival

With the arrival of Fall weather, Stratford put on its annual fall festival, just in time for the season. With Halloween fast approaching this was the perfect time to have a get together. The event was put on by Michelle Thomas and included an obstacle course to making and designing your own snack.

Admirable AdmiralsAdmirable Admirals Debuts

Swanson celebrated its first round of “Admirable Admirals” this week. Students were recognized by teachers or other students for acts of kindness and good deeds throughout the Swanson community.  We look forward to seeing new faces each month!

Jefferson“The Power of Being Seen”

Jefferson faculty and staff participated in an activity entitled “The Power of Being Seen” to analyze student-connections with staff members. Staff read a list of student names and checked off their degree of connection with each student (name and face, academic status, interests and hobbies, family), then made a plan to connect with students who had the fewest checks.

Sister CitySister City Students Visit Arlington

Drew is one of eight schools that welcomed exchange students from Aachen, Germany. Arlington and Aachen are sister cities. This year Drew students, Oliver Pradez and Oliver Kike submitted applications and were each chosen host one student from the program. The German students visited Arlington during their Fall Break and stayed with the Pradez and Kike families, visited tourist attractions, and spent a day at Drew. Experiencing education from a different perspective is worthwhile. It moves beyond the classroom. Students put into practice principals learned which propelled their experiences from local to global.

Taylor HHMTaylor Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

On Oct. 15, Taylor staff, students and visitors celebrated Hispanic Heritage month with vibrant performances. Taylor students acted out poems and performed skits about famous Hispanics, such as Justice Sotomayor, Roberto Clemente, Ellen Ochoa and many more. Wakefield and Career Center senior Salma Cabrera performed the Bolivian Folklore Dance Caporales and Amy Sowa’s kindergarten class performed Mexico’s National dance, The Mexican Hat dance. The show was organized by FLES teachers Maria Cruz-Thacker, Asia Lamar, Richard Pardo and reading specialist Dr. Sharon Gaston.

Hoffman-BostonHoffman-Boston Social Skills Cohort

At Hoffman Boston-Elementary School, VPI teachers Vivian Pelletier, Echaque Candy, Alyce Taylor, and Julie Freeman-Moore and their students volunteered to participate in a year-long Social Skills Cohort sponsored by the Early Childhood Office. ” Friendship time,” as they choose to call it, is embedded into the curriculum two to three times a week. The cohort is based on the needs of each classroom through demonstration, observation, consultation, and developing lesson plans based on discussed consultations. Lorin Youngdahl leads the charge and has been an advocate for social skills programs throughout her career. Recognizing that social-emotional learning is as important as ABC’s and 123’s, every other week is focused on a framework of the seven C’s:  communication, cooperation, control (self-regulation), compassion (perspective taking), cognitive flexibility, confidence, and conflict resolution.

Marine Band at JamestownMarine Band Performs at Jamestown

On Oct. 16, a Brass Quintet from the President’s Own US Marine Band presented a Music in the School’s performance at Jamestown. Students and staff enjoyed this wonderful assembly.

HHM at NottinghamNottingham Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month, students in fifth grade at Nottingham researched important information about all 21 Spanish speaking countries. In third and fourth grade, students conducted scavenger hunts while learning about Spanish cultural activities. In the lower grades, students identified flags and learned poetry from respective countries. All Nottingham students learned about American contributions made by Hispanic people.