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School News Roundup Mar 29, 2019

Jefferson Pi DayJefferson Celebrates Pi with Pie
The Jefferson Math Department hosted a Math Family Fun Night to celebrate Pi on March 149. Students and families joined together in a pizza and pie dinner and then engaged in Math activities including discovering pi, read aloud, and memorizing digits of pi. Adults competed in a pie eating contest, and select students pie’d math teachers in the face.

Jamestown PoetryJamestown Celebrates Poetry
Jamestown third graders recently celebrated the end of their poetry unit with a poetry celebration. Students shared a poem from their journal in front of their peers and parents. Afterwards everyone was invited to peruse the journals and offer an encouraging word about the completed work.

McKinleyMcKinley Sports Crazy Socks for a Good Cause
In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, people are asked to wear mismatched, crazy socks to celebrate people’s differences.  A parent of a Down Syndrome child at McKinley wanted to educate the class and celebrate the day so she purchased crazy socks for everyone in the kindergarten class to wear and read a story about Down Syndrome.

YorktownStranger Things Have Happened
On Wed, March 13, Yorktown teachers and staff participated in a Door Decorating contest as part of a weeklong Staff Spirit event. Ten teams of approximately 25 people competed to earn points for the most creative and spirited Door Decorations to reflect the Spirit Week theme, “Stranger Things Have Happened.” Points, prizes, and certificates were awarded based on Theme, Technical Skill, Inventiveness and Overall Presentation. With over 30 decorated doors, the student- led judging panel applied the rubric criteria to determine the winners. The grand prize went to Yorktown Finance Officer Ms. Mack for her door with an automated creepy clown display- very strange thing!

DrewWalk for Water
Amman Imman is an organization that works to bring water to the Azawak people of Niger and Mali, Africa. During Worldwide Walk for Water Week (March 16-22), an African drummer accompanied Drew Montessori teachers and students as they walked in solidarity with Azawak children for “Walk for Water.” Azawak children in Niger and Mali walk up to 30 miles a day to bring water to their families. To help students make the connection, students walked around the school field 20 – 30 times.

Stratford RAAStratford Celebrates Dr. Seuss
Stratford’s annual Dr. Seuss day makes reading fun. From face painting and Dr. Seuss inspired games to reading Dr. Seuss stories and more, students had a great time.

Ashlawn SpanishAshlawn Fifth Celebrate Spanish Week
Ashlawn fifth graders enjoyed a wonderful Spanish Week.  They made tortillas with the help of FLES teacher Sra Maria Morales, Sra Brenda Durand and parent volunteers. Students made ox carts wheels in the tradition of Costa Rica and they began research on several different UN Sustainable Goals, which will culminate in a grade wide service project. They enjoyed lunch at local Salvadorian neighborhood restaurant, La Union with their peers and teachers. They also participated in their own version of “Carrera de Cintas a Caballo” with Ryan Dallas, in which a team of students were given a “horse” made out of pool noodles with the goal to ride towards the hanging loops that were placed on a string and place their sticks through the loop while galloping towards the strings at full speed.

Holocaust Survivor speaks at Career CenterHolocaust Survivor Speaks to the Career Center
On March 5, the Arlington Career Center welcomed Irene Weiss to share her compelling story of surviving the Holocaust. In the Spring of 1944, then 14 year old Irene, her parents, and five brothers and sisters were forced to leave their home in Czechoslovakia (now Ukraine), and along with 425,000 Jews, they were deported to the concentration camp Auschwitz. Of her immediate family, only she and her older sister survived. Ninth grade students, who are currently reading Night, by Elie Weisel, along the ACC faculty, were grateful and appreciative of this engrossing first-hand account of resilience during a time of unspeakable terror.

TaylorTaylor’s African-American Read-In
On Feb. 28, Taylor students put on an impressive show during their African American Read-In Celebration in honor of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s children’s book entitled, The Lost History of African American Inventors. The students acted out skits about black inventors such as Madam C.J. Walker, Lonnie Johnson, Dr.  Patricia Bath, Zora Ball and many others. The students recited poetry and Taylor’s Dancers in Harmony gave a soul stirring liturgical dance presentation to represent the struggles of black Americans and their enduring strength. Retired custodial supervisor James McFail gave a dynamic spoken word reading of his original work. The show was written and directed by reading specialist Dr. Sharon Gaston.

Williamsburg Kindness TreeMaking Our School a “Kinder” Place
This month, Williamsburg was proud to announce the unveiling of the WMS Kindness Tree — on display in the main lobby. The papier-mâché tree represents kindness, respect, and love. Its branches reach upwards towards the sky — uplifting all the students, staff, and community members who pass by each day. Plus, painted rocks with inspirational quotes are scattered on the ground beneath the Kindness Tree — offering words-of-wisdom and messages of hope. The Kindness Tree was put together by teachers Carrie Schaefer, Brooke Zeller, Tony Johnson, Robert Dudek, and all of the collaborating students in the Kindness Club and Technology Student Association who helped to make the Kindness Tree into a reality.  Everyone is welcome stop by, sit on the ledge beneath the tree’s shadow, take a “mental break” from your day — and consider how just a little KINDNESS can make our school a better place.