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Spring Health Challenge Winners

Keep America ActiveEveryone is a winner because you took the time to focus on your physical and emotional health.  Participants logged activities, including a phenomenal number of daily steps, and addressed your emotional health through two-minute timeouts and meditation. We salute each of you. We also commend all the employees who completed their Annual Health Assessments!

And because “Keep APS Active” was a competition we want to especially honor the individuals who embraced the challenge to stand out amongst their peers. It was a close competition with the leaders distinguishing themselves with both total points and total steps.

Congratulations to the Top 2 leaders:

  • Kathleen Moore (Glebe)
  • Michael Kennedy (Barrett)

We would like to acknowledge these two engaged employees who were solo representatives of their schools. What a way to lead!

Congratulations to the Winning Team: BIT WALK (ITCs are rocking wellness!)
Michael Goodman, Darryl Joyner, Craig Spraggins, Charles Randolph, Marnie Lewis

Over the 6-week challenge Team BIT Walk accumulated 2,126,525 steps. What an amazing accomplishment!

We hope everyone will continue to stay engaged in health and well-being throughout the year!  The real prizes are feeling good, having energy, reducing the chance of illness, and enjoying a great quality of life.