APS News Release

Spring SRO Initiative Update and Video

Spring SRO Initiative Update and Video This is a follow up and update on the recent announcement pertaining the 2015 Spring Initiative that was sent out by the Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) late last week. This morning, Cpl. Leslie Harden from the School Resource Officers (SROs), W-L Principal Gregg Robertson, and Adam Michalak, a senior from Washington-Lee had a conversation about this effort. The video is available online. (Links to Arlington County’s YouTube site.) This is the second year that the ACPD has sent this message. The initiative by the SROs is an extension of the day-to-day relationship our schools have with the police and involves increased visibility in the community in an effort to encourage good choices, foster appropriate behaviors by students in the community, and continue to strengthen positive relationships between public safety officials and our students. The goal for all of us is to promote a safer environment for our students when they are out in the community. The police presence has remained the same in our schools – we maintain the same number of SROs with each high school and middle schools having one. APS has not requested and there is no increased police presence in any of our schools at this time.This Spring Initiative does involve an increased presence at the malls and Parks and Recreation Centers, around parking garages, and in neighborhoods. With prom season upon us, we value our partnership with ACPD to keep our students safe The goal of increasing police visibility is an effort to be proactive because of the increased activities that take place at this time of the year, especially with all of the many end-of-year activities, graduation and celebrations. This ACPD support is intended to monitor community events where our young people are engaged to ensure student’s safety while encouraging positive choices that can help prevent drug and alcohol-related offenses. For more information, call Lt. Ron Files at 703-228-4099.