Superintendent’s Oct. 13 Weekly Update

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Dear APS Families,

As announced last week, Arlington Public Schools has extended the deadline for families of Return Level 2 students to update their instructional delivery method and transportation selections until Wed, Oct. 21. The deadline was extended due to the revised return-to-school plan announced last week, including an updated elementary hybrid/in-person learning model and revised Level 2 student grouping. Return Level 2 now includes PreK-5th grade students and high school students enrolled in select Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses at the Arlington Career Center. This extension provides families of Level 2 students more time to make their decision for their student(s) to remain in full-time distance learning or transition to hybrid/in-person learning.

It is important to note that this grouping for the elementary hybrid/in-person learning model is by grade level and based on student needs, including all students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504 plans and English Learners in grades PreK-5th. Level 2 is not a reference to a student’s English language proficiency level. The levels represent a group of students eligible to return for hybrid/in-person model instruction. Return Level 2 includes English Learners (ELs) in grades PreK-5. All other secondary English Learner students will return with their general education peers as part of Level 3, projected to return in January.

Level 3 families will have a separate window for completing the selection process for secondary students at a later date.

Details about the student groupings, phased return timeline, and selection process are provided below and on the APS website.

APS will hold a virtual town hall to address family questions this Fri, Oct. 16, from 5-6 p.m. Details on how to view the town hall are available on Engage with APS.

Return Level 2 Student Groupings

Below are the student grouping levels and projected timing for the transition to hybrid, in-person learning. All projected dates are subject to health, safety, and operational metrics and may be changed as necessary. Depending on the health data and outcome of the staff surveys and family selection process, we may need to further prioritize the students returning in person for each Level, based on identified needs and specific criteria. More information will be shared once we have all the data from both surveys.

Return Level 2 Students: Projected Phased Return – Beginning Mid November to early December

  • All PreK-5th grade students, including PreK-5th grade English Learners and SWDs with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and high school students enrolled in selected Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses at the Career Center (list of courses in Level 2).
  • Students phase in, in groups, according to the following projected timeline:
    • Starting Tue, November 10*: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students, plus CTE students (* Wed, Nov. 11 is a holiday, so students on the Tue/Wed schedule will be in person one day that week.)
    • Starting Week of Tues, December 1: 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students begin

Only the selections for students in Return Level 2 will be recorded in ParentVUE during the upcoming selection process window. If families made the selections for their student(s) in Return Level 2 in July, they only need to make an update if they decide to change their selections.

If families decide to keep their selections the same, they do not need to make any updates in ParentVUE. If families did not make their selections in July and do not do so during the current selection process window for Return Level 2, their student(s) will automatically be placed in hybrid/in-person learning.

Transportation Selections

Families are strongly encouraged to update their transportation selection as well because this information is needed so the transportation team is able to adequately plan bus routes. Due to only 11 students being able to ride the bus at a time, the transportation selections will provide data on the number of transportation eligible students that plan to ride the bus when hybrid/in-person learning begins.

Additional Information About the Selection Process

Instructions on how to update the instructional delivery method and transportation selections in ParentVUE are available on the Selection Process for Families webpage.

  • To update the instructional delivery methods and transportation choices for your student(s), log into ParentVUE using this link
  • If no changes are made, students will remain in the model families selected in July. If a family did not select a model in July and does not reply by October 21, the student’s selection will default to hybrid/in-person learning.

Families that need assistance or are unable to update the selections for their student(s) should contact their child’s school because staff are able to update the selections for families remotely if families experience issues accessing ParentVUE.

Additional information on the hybrid/in-person model is available on the Transition to Hybrid/In-Person Model webpage.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Dr. Francisco Durán
Arlington Public Schools