Thank your APS Heroes!

During the global pandemic, APS employees worked around the clock to help support our students and families every step of the way. They are true heroes in the APS community.

They are teachers, counselors, psychologists, social workers, related services staff, and school administrators. They are food service workers, custodians, and bus drivers, working to provide healthy meals for every student and keeping our buildings well maintained, clean and safe. They are Extended Day staff learning and performing all-new essential roles. They are also front office staff and assistants performing vital functions, and ITCs and technical staff keeping us all connected, even at a distance. They are all heroes working to educate and support our students and keep schools and offices as safe and healthy as possible.


Join us in saying thank you! As we wrap up this school year, please help us honor them for the work they continuously do to make a difference, and take a moment to share your personal story about an APS teacher or support employee.

Send pictures, poems, letters, videos, artwork, dance, song, or any other appreciation expression. We will curate the messages and share highlights on our website and social media channels in May as we celebrate our teachers and employee heroes and all they do.


Submit by April 15, 2021.

Although digital formats are preferred, please email to schedule a drop-off.