Is APS planning to keep windows open in classes and on buses? Are there any new measures for the upcoming school year since there will be far more students in the building? UV Air Filtration?

posted Aug. 11

Windows will be cracked to allow for ventilation on school buses, and windows in classrooms will also be open when possible. Staff will not be required to open classroom windows at all times depending on weather and other conditions.

  • APS continues to allow staff to open windows when outside conditions allow and doesn’t interfere with operations of HVAC systems for temperature and ventilation control.
  • All CACDs meet full classroom occupancy conditions.
  • APS has various types of HVAC systems and equipment. Not all can be retrofitted with UV lights. Some schools have a centralized HVAC system while others have individual units in their classrooms. APS believes upgrading filtration to the highest level possible, providing CACDs and opening windows is the most sustainable approach for improved ventilation.