Professional Learning

Professional learning opportunities in Arlington Public Schools are in place to improve student learning experiences and outcomes.  As we learn and grow as a system, professional learning will include opportunities for individual development, team, and school improvement, and program implementation of curricula, instructional strategies, and practices that we have embraced as a school system.  Click here to view the Professional Learning Framework.
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As of March 2020, the new APS professional learning catalog is hosted by Frontline.  This User Guide will help you with navigating the catalog.


  1. Non-APS professional learning opportunities
  2. Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual
  3. APS Lesson Plan and Unit Plan
  4. Learning Forward’s Definition of Professional Development
  5. Learning Forward Virginia
  6. ERO – If you need to download historical ERO records, click here to view the old ERO online catalog. Use this tip sheet to help you log into ERO. If you would like to print a PDF of your ERO Transcript, please refer to these directions.
  7. Professional Learning Briefing Report – May 2021