Professional Learning

Your Growth = Student Growth and Achievement  

A career in APS means constant growth and new opportunities. We invest in varied professional learning, growth, and development opportunities to build the capacity of our staff to serve the diverse needs of our students and families.


Arlington Public Schools provides differentiated and job-relevant professional learning that enables all employees to develop desired skills and expertise to achieve their goals and meet the diverse needs of our students.


Professional learning drives collaboration and builds the knowledge and expertise of all employees, to advance student outcomes and improve division-wide performance, productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.

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The APS professional learning catalog is hosted by Frontline.  This User Guide will help you with navigating the catalog.

Summer Learning Opportunities

The links below provide a sneak peek list of summer learning activities (if you are logged into Frontline, the links in the PDF bring you directly to the registration page). Updated 6/9/22
To access the most current list of offerings, log into Frontline.
Tip: use the Frontline “Calendar” views. Directions on how to use the calendar view are in the Frontline Info card – Users – Use the Activity Catalogs > Calendar.

(Updated 6/16/22)

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  2. Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual
  3. APS Lesson Plan and Unit Plan
  4. Learning Forward’s Definition of Professional Development
  5. Learning Forward Virginia
  6. Professional Learning Briefing Report – May 2021