Administrator (P-Scale) Evaluation

0APS P-Scale Evaluation Handbook

APS P-Scale Evaluation Forms

  1. APS School Management Plan
  2. APS Department Plan
  3. APS Progressive Plan Template
  4. APS Admin Self-Reporting Evidence
  5. APS Admin Professional Activities Summary
  6. APS Admin Interim Evaluation
  7. APS Admin Summative Evaluation
  8. APS Admin Performance Improvement Plan

Training Modules

Module 1: Overview
Delivered in August

Module 2: Creating a School Plan or Department Plan
Delivered in September/October

Module 3: Preparing for the Mid-Year Conversation
Evaluation Session 1 for all administrators- delivered in December/January

Module 4: Determining Evidence for Self-Reporting Evidence

Module 5: Interim and Summative Evaluations