Mentor Program

The goal of the Mentor Program is to provide each new hire consistent, ongoing support IMG_2217
during their first year of employment in Arlington Public Schools. After completion of formal training, Mentors assist new hires in the areas of acculturation, school specific procedures and policies, Best Instructional Practices and observation/feedback.

Mentor Preferred Qualifications

A school-based Mentor

  • Can maintain confidentiality
  • Has the time to be a Mentor
  • Has three years of successful teaching experience in APS
  • Works in close proximity, shares a common planning period or is currently working at the same grade level/subject area as the mentee
  • Has personal and professional strengths which address the needs of the mentee

Please note:
Building administrators are responsible for matching mentors dependent on the needs of the new hires in that building. Please discuss your desire to mentor with your building administrator. Only those who have been officially assigned to mentor will be eligible to participate in the training.

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

It is the expectation that once assigned, mentors in Arlington Public Schools will:

  • Complete the mentor training if not previously trained or complete the mentor refresher training if training occurred more than 5 years prior. (Training is all asynchronous and can count toward floating hours)
  • Meet weekly with brand new educators or bi-weekly with experienced but new to APS educators
  • Provide a communication link between new teachers and the Teacher Specialist:
    • Submit monthly mentor journals the last day of each month
    • Complete, sign and submit a copy of the Mentoring Partnership Agreement
    • Complete, sign, and submit a copy of the Mentor Responsibilities Agreement Form
  • Support new hires’ understanding of Best Instructional Practices:
    • Model lessons of Best Instructional Practices in teaching
    • Provide regular feedback by conducting one observation cycle within the first nine weeks of school
  • Maintain the Mentoring Partnership Agreement:
    • Maintain confidentiality of the relationship
    • Meet regularly, as scheduled, throughout the mentorship assignment
    • Share challenges faced and strategies used
    • Focus on goals that promote professional growth

Mentor Benefits

School-based mentors who mentor a new hire with zero years experience will:

  • Receive a stipend of $2,010 per full school year, or $1,005 per school year, if sharing the mentee with another mentor
  • Receive 90 recertification points per full school year as stated in the Virginia Recertification Manual (option 8, pg. 16, July ’90)

School-based mentors who mentor a new hire with one or more years experience will:

  • Receive 45 recertification points for a half year of mentoring
  • Receive 1 credit toward a lane change

Mentor Training

Once mentors have been assigned, they will be contacted about the mentor training and mentor courses for tracking assignments.