Department Briefing Reports

Want to learn more about the work of the APS Departments and their accomplishments? Take a look at recent Briefing Reports (click on a report to open it):

Academic Supports
Academic Supports

Advisory Council on Instruction annual report
Advisory Council on Instruction

Arts ed annual report
Arts Education

APS Go briefing paper

Career & Technical Education annual report
Career & Technical Education

English Language Arts annual report
English Language Arts

ESOL-HILT Briefing paper

Extended Day Briefing report
Extended Day

FACE briefing paper

Food & Nutrition briefing paper
Food & Nutrition Services 2017

Food and Nutrition Services
Food & Nutrition Services 2016

GTF Annual Report
Graduation Task Force

Health & PE annual report
Health & PE

Human Resources annual report
Human Resources

Internships briefing paper

Library Services annual report
Library Services

Office of Minority Achievement annual report
Office of Minority Achievement

Parent Resource Center annual report
Parent Resource Center

Professional Learning annual report
Professional Learning

School & Community Relations annual report
School & Community Relations

SHAB briefing paper
School Health Advisory Board

Science annual report

Security annual report

Social Studies annual report
Social Studies

Solar Power annual report
Solar Power

SHAB annual report
Student Health Advisory Board

Sustainability annual report

Virtual learning briefing paper
Virtual Learning

World Languages annual report
World Languages