Reading Camp

Will Reading Camp be available this summer?
Yes, APS is providing Reading Camp at all elementary strengthening locations.

Is Reading Camp still a special education program?
Yes, Reading Camp is still intended to serve students with IEP goals and services in reading.

Why did APS re-organize Reading Camp?
As we seek to build more inclusive environments, we believe this applies throughout the year, including summer learning opportunities.  Additionally, we revamped the curriculum and instruction provided for the elementary strengthening program.  This shift included a review of each individual student’s data in reading and math and then the development of students’ schedules based on their specific needs.  Students participated in reading interventions, math interventions, and a project-based learning/science inquiry block depending on their specific needs.  Students were taught by teachers trained in OG, P-G, LLI, math interventions, and science inquiry, and rotated to different teachers throughout the day based on their needs.  This model ensured that each individual child had what they needed.  By hosting Reading Camp at each of the strengthening locations, students will have the opportunity to focus on reading, and, if appropriate for that individual student, engage in other learning experiences (see the information on student scheduling below).

What will the student schedule look like?
Students’ schedules for summer reading camp will be built based on student needs.  Some students may receive specific reading instruction, to include an intervention block using OG, P-G, LLI, etc., in a small group for the full day.  Students could work on phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills based on individual needs. Some students may receive specific reading instruction in a small group for half the day and then engage in science inquiry (with a literacy focus) for the other half.  The model for summer school is a rotation model with flexible schedules for students depending on their specific needs.

What communication will parents get regarding reading progress?
Parents will receive 2 progress reports with information regarding their child’s reading progress.