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The REEP Adult ESL Curriculum is a comprehensive system that provides instructional direction for programs and teachers of adult immigrants and refugees. First published in 1982, this student-centered, life skills focused curriculum is continuously updated to reflect advances in the fields of adult education, instructed second language acquisition and literacy, and to meet the changing needs of our students. Needs assessment and goal setting activities are at the heart of the curriculum and enable students to actively direct their learning. Students vote on life skills topics such as health, employment, community, government, and transportation to determine the context through which they will develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Digital literacy skills development weaves through all levels and topics of the curriculum.

REEPfile-iconKEY: Curriculum documents contain references within the text to other curriculum files. They are noted with a file icon and a bolded title, such as REEPfile-iconNeeds Assessment Tools Chart. You can find the referenced files on this homepage. Text that is hyperlinked goes to outside websites.

Terms of Use REEP makes its Adult ESL Curriculum and accompanying resources available online so that its teachers and staff can have ready, easy access as they plan and execute their instruction. We do not maintain paper copies of the curriculum, as we continuously update the material. Other programs are welcome to use these online resources with the understanding that REEP will be credited appropriately. Written credit should appear as follows: Product of the Arlington Education and Employment Program (REEP), Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, Virginia

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