Address Change Requests

Families that have recently relocated to another address in Arlington must complete a Request of Address Change form and submit proof of Arlington residency documents.  The form and documents can be submitted online or at the student’s school.

Families should update their address as soon as they move to ensure they continue to receive mail from APS.

Address Change Request Process

1. Request of Address Change Form

Complete the fillable Request of Address Change Form: English | Spanish

2. Collect and upload proof of Arlington residency documents

Proof of Arlington County Residency

Parents/legal guardians are required to show proof that they live with their child in Arlington County.

If a family owns or rents property If a family lives in the residence of someone else (shared housing)
ONE of the following documents must be provided:

  • Deed showing that the student’s parents/legal guardians own the property in Arlington.
  • Current lease agreement signed by the lessor and lessee or tenant and landlord.
  • Settlement documentation from a new home purchase if the deed has not been recorded.
THREE documents must be provided:

  • Residency Form A (English) (Spanish) – Parent/Legal Guardian Residency Affidavit.
  • Residency Form B (English) (Spanish) – Statement of Arlington Resident Affidavit.
    • And a deed or lease agreement.


Any TWO supporting documents that include the parent’s/legal guardian’s name and address:

  • Current federal, state or property tax returns
  • Current payroll or withholding statement
  • Vehicle registration
  • Current utility bills (Gas, Electric, Water)
  • Valid Virginia driver’s license with current address
  • Financial assistant documentation from Arlington County

3. Upload forms or submit completed form and residency proof to your student’s school

Upload the Change of Address Form and Proof of Residency Documents using the Document Secure Upload Link. If you are registering multiple children, you may upload documents for all of the children at the same time. Be sure to note the name and email address you use. You will use the same parent name and email address if the registrar asks you for additional documents.

Families can also submit a completed form and residency proof documents to your student’s school registrar.

Document Secure Upload Link

Address Change Completion

A school registrar will contact families if additional documents are needed to complete the address change process or if there are any questions regarding the address change request. Families will receive a confirmation email once the change of address has been completed.

Privacy and Security

For privacy and information security reasons, families should never send personally identifiable information through email and should always upload them through the secure upload website. Personally identifiable information is information that, alone or in combination, can be linked to a specific student, including but not limited to:

  • Name of student, parents, or other family members;
  • Address of student, parents, or other family members;
  • Personal identifier, such as a Social Security Number, APS student ID, or health records.
  • Indirect identifiers, such as date of birth, place of birth, or mother’s maiden name.

No APS employee will ever email or call families requesting any personally identifiable information be submitted through email. If you do receive an email requesting this information, please disregard it because it may be a phishing email attempting to receive access to your personally identifiable information. If you receive a call requesting this information, only submit the documentation through the secure upload portal and not through email.

For additional information or questions, please contact your student’s school.