Registration Document Secure Upload

Step 1: Upload your Arlington Public Schools Student Registration Form

Use the secure document upload area below to submit your completed Student Registration Form.

  • Complete the form below with your name, your email address, and your child’s school (where it says Company). If you are registering more than one child, enter all of the schools in the Company area.
  • Click Continue.
  • When the upload window appears, drag and drop (or use the upload link) to upload the requested documents
  • Click Submit
  • You will see a confirmation the document was sent to APS. This on-screen confirmation is the only confirmation you will receive until a registrar begins the registration process, you will not receive a confirmation email.

Documents to upload

  • Student Registration Form(s) for each child you are registering

After you have uploaded your Student Registration Form, go to Step 2: Residency Verification