Registration Document Secure Upload

Now that you have gathered your documents, you can securely upload them to APS. This seven-step process will take you through a series of pages where you will be asked to upload specific documents. On each page, there will be an upload window to upload your documents (you may have to scroll down slightly to see the window.) Be sure you use the same name and email address on each of the upload windows as you go through the process. After you enter this the first time, it should be automatically completed on the rest of the upload windows.

Seven Steps:

  1. Upload Student Registration Forms
  2. Upload Residency Verification
  3. Upload Supporting Proof of Residency Documents
  4. Upload Educational Documents
  5. Upload Proof of Identity
  6. Upload Additional Documents
  7. Next Steps

If you are registering multiple students, you may upload the documents for each child at the same time. For example, if you are registering three students, you can upload all three completed registration forms when you are prompted to upload the registration form. You only need to upload one copy of your deed/lease, supporting residency documents, and your government-issued ID.

Before you begin the upload process, we recommend you review the checklist to confirm you have all of the documents you will be required to submit. Student Registration Checklist English | Spanish

Registration Document Secure Upload Process for the 2021-22 School Year