Registration FAQs

Why a registration “window”?

In prior years, Extended Day opened registration at different times, including midnight, 8 am, and Saturday morning and enrollment was based on a first-come, first served basis.  Subsequently, each year we heard from parents that the first-come, first served nature of registration was extremely stressful and created a disadvantage for families that do not have online access at that time.  Last year Extended Day offered registration “windows” to provide equal access for all families and avoid first-come, first served enrollment.  The process was generally well received.  The registration window eliminates the urgency to register immediately and provides access for everyone, regardless of work schedules, computer access and other mitigating factors.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. The annual registration fee is $40 for the first child and $30 for each additional child. The fee is billed and due once the child is enrolled.

Is my child guaranteed a spot in Extended Day?

No. At most schools every child will be enrolled.  However, there may be lotteries and waitlists at some schools for the after-school session, where demand exceeds capacity.  There are no wait lists for the before school session, Middle School Check-In Program, or Summer Extended Day.

Do I need to register my child every year for Extended Day?

Yes. Each child needs to register for Extended Day each year.

Can I register my child for Extended Day if I haven’t registered my child with Arlington Public Schools?

Yes. However, the online registration system requests your child’s Student ID number. If your child does not yet have a Student ID number, please enter your child’s first and last name where the Student ID number is requested.

How do I register my child for Extended Day?

Extended Day registration is conducted online.  Please refer to the dates above indicating the eligibility for each registration window.

Families with children already in Extended Day will register online at  Families new to Extended Day can register online at or in-person at the Extended Day Central Office.

Families with children already in Extended Day will need to add siblings new to APS to their existing Extended Day family account.  .

What information do I need to register my child for Extended Day?

You will be asked to provide general family and medical information and two emergency contacts that are within 30 minutes of the school.

 I registered on the Extended Day website, but how can I verify that my registration has been received?

Extended Day will send an email to confirm each session (before and after school) for which each child is registered. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of registering, please email

If I do not have an email address, how will I receive information regarding my registration and enrollment?

Please contact the Extended Day Central Office at 703-228-6069.

My child has been entered into a lottery for an elementary option school.  For which school should I register for Extended Day?

Please submit your Extended  Day registration for your home school, not the option school.  If your child’s name is selected in the option school lottery and you choose to accept the slot, you must e-mail by May 10th to have your child’s Extended Day registration transferred to the new school.  If the option school requires an Extended Day lottery your child’s name will be included in the lottery.

Can I register my child for more than one school?

No. Please only submit a registration for one school. If we receive multiple registrations for a student for a session, we will  process the most recent registration and remove any previously submitted registrations.

What happens if I submit my child’s Extended Day registration after May 1st?

If your child’s school has not reached capacity, your child will be enrolled. If your child’s school has a waitlist, your child will be placed at the end of the waitlist.

Can I register my child for only early release days (or one-day per week)?

This attendance option is only available for employees of Arlington Public Schools.