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for Schools, Families and Students

APS encourages its school communities to utilize healthy, green transportation options when traveling to and from APS schools and sites. Walking, biking or rolling to school makes us healthier, activates our brains, and helps us build community, share experiences, save money, and care for our environment.

To support your school commute, here are quick links to national, state, and local SRTS and safety resources that can be used as is and/or readily adapted by schools and families.

SRTS Activities and Events

Walk and Bike to School Day (October) / Bike and Walk to School Day (May)

Crossing Guard Appreciation Week (February)

Planning a SRTS Event

Student Travel Tally Weeks (STTW)

SRTS Funding Opportunities

SRTS and Local Tools and Resources

Walking in Arlington

Walking School Buses

Bicycle Education and Biking in Arlington

Bicycle Trains

Student Transit

Multimodal Safety Resources

Walking/Biking Safety Education and Rules of the Road

Tips on Walking/Biking Safety from the Arlington County Police Department

Tips on Multimodal Safety from the Arlington County Commuter Services

SRTS Studies and Reports

Contact the SRTS Coordinator for more information.