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With Arlington Public BTSD_2020_graphic-1-300x113Schools closed in response to COVID-19, Bike Walk and Roll to School Day 2020 was cancelled.  Undeterred by the pandemic, APS opted to celebrate Bike Month! While we were not able to gather at school this year, we still managed to celebrate while following social distancing guidelines and APS, local and state public health guidance, biking with people we live with and heeding all the usual road/bike safety rules.

Each school day throughout Bike Month, we offered ideas, resources and tips to help families and students do just that. These resources are captured here, and they aren’t just for Bike Month.  We encourage you to use them all year round! Though not every option below applies to every neighborhood and need, pick the ones that work for you, put on your helmet, jump on your bike and go!


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safely and from a distance, all month long! So you can plan ahead,
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    On this rainy day 1 of #BikeMonth, make sure your bike is ready to go with an #ABCQuickCheck Check out this step-by-step guide – https://bit.ly/ABCQC – or watch here https://bit.ly/ABCQCvideo No bike to check? Take a #virtual ride-https://bit.ly/360Bike! @APSVirginia #APSBikes2020
    Decorate your sidewalk, windows or bike with signs encouraging your neighbors to bike and walk. For motivation to get biking, older students and caregivers can check out this inspirational video from People for Bikes
    Conduct a bike safety and helmet fit check. Do you have a bicycle? If so, have you done a basic safety check? Check the fit of your helmet and teach others in your family how to properly fit their helmets. Then, do the ABC Quick Check with help from the League of American Bicyclists. If you’re teaching a new bicyclist how to ride, check out this instructional REI video for beginners
    Get out for a walk or ride with your family! Can you take a bike ride around your neighborhood or a nearby trail? Or take a walk to hunt for chalk art or signs created by others near you? Tweet a photo of your family or a location on your route and tag @APSsaferoutes, #APSBikes2020, #BikeroSchoolDay and #BikeMonth
    Do you have safety concerns with walking or biking around your neighborhood? Learn more about who can help address those concerns using this list from Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and reach out.
    Hold a five-minute interview with family members about their experience walking or biking. Look online for resources and biking and walking activities encouraged by your state or community transportation departments and local advocacy groups.
  • MONDAY, MAY 11
    If it was too cold for you to ride over the blustery Mother’s Day weekend, never fear! The weather is warming up this week, so get ready with these 5 refresher videos from our friends at the League of American Bicyclists. Watch one video a day and you’ll be ready for the more seasonal 80-degree weekend that’s forecasted!
    Go Global!  Whether you’re biking, walking, scootering or skateboarding, here are some resources from our friends to the north at Ontario Active School Travel  To turn any journey outside into a learning experience,

    • Kids can use this I-Spy card to hunt for signs of spring.
    • Adults can gauge their students’ understanding of pedestrian safety and readiness for independent active travel with this Sidewalk Smarts Passport 
    • All ages can follow @EcoSchoolsCan for more planet-friendly ways to spring into healthy action.
    The forecast for Day 13 of #BikeMonth is beautiful, so why not take a practice ride near your school! Read this article from BikePortland to prepare, then plan your route, put on your helmet and mask, and head out — taking care to maintain proper social distance! Take some photos on the way, then when you return, share your experience-in words + pictures on Twitter @APSsaferoutes, using the hashtags #BiketoSchoolDay and #APSBikes2020
    Take advantage of free #BiketoSchoolDay and #Safety video streaming and activity pages from I’m Safe! They’re offering complimentary access to three videos via Vimeo as well as safety activity pages and tip sheets that you can share.
  • FRIDAY, MAY 15
    Teleworking parents and online teachers, here’s a way to celebrate #BiketoWorkDay from a distance…with BikeArlington’s Bike Challenge! What better way to remind ourselves of the joy of biking, and to stay connected during these uncertain times, than with a fun bike challenge? Celebrate #BikeMonth right here in Arlington by participating in a week-long bike challenge, May 17 – May 23! Learn more about the challenge, get your bike tuned up, and get ready for the #ArlBikeChallenge.
  • MONDAY, MAY 18
    Happy Day 18 of Bike Month!  It’s time for APS students, families and staff to take the BikeArlington Challenge, celebrate the joys of biking, and stay connected–from a distance! Kick off week 3 of Bike Month by participating in the 7-day #ArlBikeChallenge from May 17–May 23, for a chance to receive BikeArlington giveaways. Learn about the Challenge, get your bike tuned up, and get ready to roll!
    It’s Day 19 and you’re ready to ride but not sure where to go?  Check out this recording from the May 4 Washington Area Bicyclists Association/BikeArlington Bike Basics Workshop on Rules of the Road and Route Planning.  
    After you’ve listened to the Washington Area Bicyclists Association/BikeArlington webinar recording for the region, turn to these Arlington-centric biking maps – the the BikeArlington Bike Map and Bicycle Comfort Level Map, two indispensable resources for two-wheel travel from BikeArlington.
    Washington Area Bicyclists Association/BikeArlington teamed up for another Bike Basics Workshop on Riding with Youth on April 27th. Listen to the recording. If your youthful rider is still on training wheels, then you might also want to watch this WABA video on learning to ride a bike.  Looking for families to ride with once we can resume riding together instead of apart? Kidical Mass Arlington is for you! @kidicalmassarl.
  • FRIDAY, MAY 22
    It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, and everyone’s itching to get out. But how do we maintain social distancing–for everyone’s safety–when Arlington’s wonderful local trails are more crowded than usual?  Avoid crowded trails with alternative routes!  Consult this BikeArlington list of low–stress street routes to try on your next bike ride. And when you’re ready to ride beyond the friendly confines of Arlington County, here’s a comprehensive list of apps and route-planning sites to explore, compiled by—you guessed it—Washington Area Bicyclists Association/BikeArlington!
    It’s already the last week of Bike Month 2020!?! To finish strong, we’re getting back to basics with local bike experts, from Washington Area Bicyclists Association youth classes (email youth@waba.org) to BikeArlington‘s tips on bike turns to use of hand signals. Ready to roll?
    All aboard!  It’s Day 27 of Bike Month, three weeks til the end of this school year, and three months til the new school year. You’ve got all summer to start planning your Bike Train for 2020-21!  Use this Bike Train Tool Kit from Safe Routes to School National Partnership! Figure out your best route to school, share it with friends, ask them try it on their own, then when social distancing relaxes, you can go for a test ride!
    Here’s a riddle as we near the end of Bike Month and spring: What kind of garden doesn’t need water to grow? A TRAFFIC GARDEN!  And you can design your own! All you need to get started is some sidewalk chalk and your imagination. After that, you can incorporate items from your home and nature to help your garden grow! Check out Discover Traffic Gardens for a road map, plan your design — with an eye to safety for our student walkers and bicyclists — and plant the seeds for safety on all modes and for all ages!
  • FRIDAY, MAY 29
    You did it! You went the distance, from a distance, and celebrated all four school weeks of Bike Month 2020. Keep on biking, keep up social distancing and go the distance all summer long! Then, when we come back to school we can help celebrate Bike to Work Week 2020 on September 21-27, Bike to Work Day 2020 on Tuesday, September 22 and Bike to School Day 2021 on Wednesday, May 5, 2021!

Please help continue the strong sense of community that makes Bike, Walk and Roll to School Day so powerful by sharing ideas and posting your photos on Twitter using the hashtags #BiketoSchoolDay, #BikeMonth and #APSBikes2020.

HePrintld annually on the second Wednesday in May, Bike Walk and Roll to School Day builds on the momentum of Walk Bike and Roll to School Day in October, but on wheels — with a focus on bicycling. The May celebration, part of Bike Month, helps to raise community awareness about the importance of bicycle and pedestrian safety education, safe routes to schools, well-maintained walkways, and traffic calming in our neighborhoods and around our schools.


Walk Bike and Roll to School Day is an international celebration that encourages students to walk or bike to school while teaching them about the health, environmental and transportation benefits of walking and biking.

Held annually on the first Wednesday in October, Walk, Bike and Roll to School Day also helps to raise community awareness about the importance of pedestrian and bicycle safety education, safe routes to schools, well-maintained walkways, and traffic calming in our neighborhoods and around our schools.

APS schools and students are encouraged to walk the walk all year long by adopting weekly walking and biking promotions like “Walking Wednesdays” and “Foot Fridays,” supporting formation of Walking School Buses, Bike Trains and other creative commutes, and sharing important pedestrian and bike safety information for all ages.

To prepare for and promote your school’s participation, visit the national Walk Bike and Roll to School Day website, check out all the great resources on APS’ and Virginia’s Safe Routes to School sites, and use WalkArlington‘s Walk Bike and Roll to School Day Toolkit .


Held annually on the second Wednesday in May, Bike Walk and Roll to School Day builds on the momentum of Walk Bike and Roll to School Day, with a focus on bicycling. The May celebration, part of Bike Month, helps to raise community awareness about the importance of bicycle and pedestrian safety education, safe routes to schools, well-maintained walkways, and traffic calming in our neighborhoods and around our schools. Student cyclists gather with bikes at ATS to appear on TV for Bike to School Day

The 2019 event took place on Wednesday, May 8, and included bike parades, bicycle check-ups, safety resources, and giveaways from DC Bike Ride, BikeArlington and WalkArlington. The happenings at Arlington Traditional School even generated some local news coverage on WJLA-TV (ABC)!

APS has taken part in Bike, Walk and Roll to School Day since its inception in 2012, with all schools participating in some way each year. To prepare and promote your school’s event, visit the national Walk Bike and Roll to School Day website, check out all the great resources on Virginia’s Safe Routes to School site, and use BikeArlington‘s Bike Walk and Roll to School Day Toolkit !


2018 Walk & Bike to School Day Participation Breaks Virginia Record

Arlington Public Schools celebrated Walk and Bike to School Day 2018 on Wednesday, October 10. All 37 schools and programs took part, contributing to a record-breaking 364 events across Virginia, second only to California. CLAREMONT COLLAGE FINAL

This year, Spanish-language immersion school Claremont Elementary  was selected as APS’ Walk and Bike to School Day “focus school.” Home to 750+ students, most of whom do not live within walking distance of school, Claremont showed that walking and biking isn’t just for those in the neighborhood.

Starting around 7:20 am, students and families began arriving on foot, bike, scooter, carpool and school bus. Some who drove parked nearby and walked the rest of the way with parents and younger siblings, some in strollers. They checked in and got stickers then proceeded to the back of school for a bilingual, multimodal celebration.

Once there, students were welcomed with music from a teacher doubling as a DJ and numerous activities put together by Claremont’s Health/Physical Education teachers, who had set up bike obstacle courses, mapped out grade-level walking routes, and organized a demonstration featuring contraptions including giant tricycles, cargo bikes, electric bikes, and the rotating elementary PE bike fleet.

To cap off the morning, Claremont Principal Ms. Panfil and Assistant Principal Ms. Gonzales donned helmets and hopped on the giant trikes for a three-wheeled race/bike safety demo! By the time students headed into class, they had celebrated Walk and Bike to School Day 2018 on two wheels and two feet, in English and Spanish. Vamonos!

Claremont WB2SD Screen Shot 2

1000s of APS Students Participate in Walk & Bike to School Day 2017

HFB Star - ACFD PHOTOOn Wednesday, October 4, students across Arlington County and around the globe participated in Walk and Bike to School Day 2017.

After arriving at school on foot, by bike, and by bus, students at Hoffman-Boston Elementary followed a customized campus walking route to the huge field behind school. Once there, all 500+ pre-school through 5th grade students picked up passports and proceeded to five stations – arranged in the five points of a star – where they took part in energizing activities on walking and biking.

When it was time for the stations to close, Hoffman-Boston students, staff, and families capped off the morning’s festivities by assembling inside that same five-point star for an aerial photograph, taken by a firefighter from high atop an Arlington County Fire Department tower truck. Click here for more on the active transportation celebration at Hoffman-Boston! 

All Arlington Public Schools took part in Walk and Bike to School Day 2017 – APS’ 16th year of participation — with support from APS’ grant-funded Safe Routes to School program and Arlington County’s WalkArlington, BikeArlington, and Arlington Transportation Partners. To get a sense of the momentum that is building at schools everywhere, check out the more than 5,000 events registered in Virginia and around the United States last year alone!


Bike and Walk to School Day 2018

Bike and Walk to School Day 2018 took place on Wednesday, May 9.  On a perfect spring morning, thousands of students from all 30+ Arlington Public Schools (APS) biked and walked to school, along with family members, teachers, APS staff and community partners.

Each school celebrated Bike and Walk to School Day in its own way, from organizing bike trains to handing out safety items to holding school-wide assemblies. Some APS staff biked too!

Many APS students already bike and walk every day, so schools used the occasion to recognize those year-round efforts while encouraging more students to give walking and biking a try.

By encouraging a nationwide bike-focused celebration for students every year in the month of May, Bike and Walk to School Day builds on the popularity and success of Walk and Bike to School Day, which is celebrated across the country – and around the world – each October.

Bike and Walk to School events work to create safer routes for bicycling and walking, and emphasize the importance of a range of impacts such as physical activity among children, cyclist and pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, concern for the environment and connections between families, schools and the community.

Bike and Walk to School Day 2019 is scheduled for Wednesday, May 8.  Visit Virginia Safe Routes to School’s resources on Bike and Walk to School Day and check out BikeArlington‘s Bike and Walk to School Day Toolkit to prepare and promote your 2019 event!

Arlington Public Schools Celebrates Bike and Walk to School Day 2017

Check out these highlights from last year’s event, held on May 10, 2017
Read the full press release here