School Board Advisory Councils and Committees

The School Board actively seeks the advice of community members through a wide range of advisory committees and councils. Most of these advisory committees and councils are appointed by the School Board, advise the School Board and, when appropriate, make recommendations on issues or policies related to the successful operation of the school system.

The Arlington School Board believes that effective community participation will:

  • Encourage a sense of community ownership of and responsibility for the Arlington Public Schools.
  • Encourage the free flow of ideas and opinions between the community and the School Board.
  • Provide the School Board and administrators with advice on matters important to the successful operation of the school system.
  • Provide a continuous, systematic review of the programs, facilities and operations of the Arlington Public Schools.
  • Assist the School Board in its deliberation on selected topics.
  • Provide assistance in the general oversight and planning activities of the School Board.
  • Encourage active dialogue and participation by members of the community in the decision making process of the School Board.
  • Contribute to sound decision-making at all levels of the school system and sound policy setting by the School Board.

To apply for an appointment to the groups below, please follow the application link for each group. 

Advisory Committee on Transportation Choices (ACTC)

The Advisory Committee on Transportation Choices was created as a joint advisory body of the County Board of Arlington County and the Arlington School Board for the purpose of advising the Joint Committee on Transportation Choices (JCTC). The JCTC will develop and implement programs that further transportation choice for APS students, families and staff.The Mission of the ACTC is to advise the JCTC on strategies and plans of action that will develop and promote transportation choice for APS students, families and staff.

Chair: Josh Folb

Vice Chair: Elizabeth Kiker

To apply, please fill out the Advisory Council General Application

Advisory Council on Teaching & Learning (ACTL)

The Advisory Council on Teaching & Learning (ACTL) (formerly ACI) is made up of representatives from each school and certain community organizations to assist in reviewing the system-wide curriculum and instructional program and in developing recommendations for improvement.  For additional information, contact the Department of Teaching & Learning at 703-228-6145.

Chair: Bethany Sutton

To apply, please fill out the ACTL Subject-Matter Advisory Committee Application Form / (En español)

Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Programs

The Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Programs (FAC) assists the School Board in the continuous, systematic review of school facilities and the annual and long-range Capital Improvement Program.

Chair: Rosa Cheney

To apply, please fill out the Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Programs Application

Arlington Aquatics Committee

The Aquatics Committee advises and makes recommendations on aquatics-related programs and facilities, including activities offered and the need for additional programs and/or facilities. The committee also reviews policies governing participation, fees charged, and relationships among various activities in the facilities, and reviews agreements and other policies regarding the joint use, operation and funding of the facilities. In addition, the Committee facilitates the involvement of Arlington businesses and community groups in aquatics programs and facilities, and oversees Arlington’s participation in the development of aquatics facilities or programs on a regional basis, as well as the use of the facilities and programs by Arlington residents and by non-residents. The Aquatics Committee shares information about aquatics programs with community organizations, and may conduct public meetings, forums and educational programs, investigate and mediate complaints regarding aquatics programs, and publicize existing or proposed aquatics programs. The Aquatics Committee is composed of 10 members who serve for a term of 3 years. The School Board appoints 5 members to the Committee, and with the approval of the County Board, the Sports Commission appoints 5 additional members. Membership should be representative of the interest groups who frequent the pool, such as leisure, therapeutic, competitive, instructional, fitness, senior, and lap swimmers.

Chair (APS selected): Kristi Sawert

Vice Chair (County selected): Edwin Allen

To apply, please fill out the Advisory Council General Application

County Council of PTAs

The Council of PTAs (CCPTA) is made up of Parent-Teacher Associations in Arlington County, Virginia.

Interim Chair: Mary Kadera

Budget Advisory Council

The Budget Advisory Council makes recommendations on policies and practices related to the presentation and preparation of the operating budget and the financial management of the school system; makes recommendations to the School Board on budget priorities; advises on the degree to which the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget supports best fiscal practices and the School Board’s priorities, assists in educating the community about the budgeting process; and provides, upon the Board’s request, study and recommendations on special topics or issues.  For more information, contact the Finance Department at 703-228-6125.

Chair: Chuck Rush

Vice Chair: Erik Sullivan

To apply, please fill out the Budget Advisory Council Application

Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC)

The Arlington County Board and Arlington School Board jointly appointed members of this commission. The commission’s mission is to provide input on capital facilities needs assessment, capital improvement plans and long-range facility planning for both the County Government and Arlington Schools.

Chair: Kathleen McSweeney

Vice Chair: Stacy Snyder

To apply, please fill out the Advisory Council General Application

School Plan Advisory Committees

School Plan Advisory Committees are selected by the School Principal each year.  Each advisory committee is responsible for advising the School Board and the building principal on matters pertaining to the school and its successful operation.  Please contact individual schools for more information.

To apply, please fill out the Advisory Council General Application

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board consists of students at the high school level who provide who provide a channel of communications between the School Board and the students of Arlington Public Schools so mutual concerns might be better addressed.

Chair: Abby Dhakal
Staff Liaison: Jeannette Allen, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services

To apply, please fill out the Advisory Council General Application

The School Board is also advised by several non-Instructional Advisory Committees, including:

  • Ad Hoc Committees and Tasks Forces
  • Building Level Planning Committees
  • Special Education Parent Resource Center – Parent Liaison Group

More information on all Arlington Public Schools Advisory Committees