Sign Up to Speak at a School Board Meeting

For the 2017-18 school year, School Board meetings start at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted. Citizen Comment on Non-Agenda Items will not be announced prior to 7 PM.  School Board meetings are held at the Education Center, 1426 North Quincy Street, Arlington, Virginia. Click here to view the agenda items and materials for Board meetings.

Electronic Speaker Forms are no longer being accepted for the February 15 School Board Meeting.

The electronic speaker forms is activated one week before a Board meeting, once the agenda is published. Electronic forms are accepted until 4:00 PM the last business day before the meeting.

Please review the School Board adopted School Board Guidelines for Public Comment to help prepare to speak at a School Board meeting.

You may also sign up in person the day of the meeting.  Speakers have up to two (2) minutes to speak on agenda or non-agenda items.  The time allowed per speaker may be reduced by the Chair if circumstances warrant  (such as an unusually large number of citizens sign up to speak on a particular topic).