Sign Up to Speak at a School Board Meeting

PLEASE NOTE: The November 8, 2018 meeting will begin at 6 PM.  School Board meetings are held at the Syphax Education Center, 2110 Washington Blvd, Arlington, Virginia.

Electronic Speaker requests are no longer being accepted for the November 8 School Board Meeting.

Click here to view the agenda items and materials for Board meetings.

  • The electronic speaker form is activated one week before the Board meeting, once the agenda is published.
  • Electronic forms are accepted until 4 PM the last business day before the meeting.
  • Speakers have up to two (2) minutes to speak on agenda or non-agenda items.
  • The time allowed per speaker may be reduced by the Chair if circumstances warrant  (such as an unusually large number of citizens sign up to speak on a particular topic).
  • Speaker time may be limited to 30 minutes for each agenda item.
  • You may sign up in person at the meeting. Paper speaker forms are available outside the Board Room.
    • Forms must be turned in to the Clerk before the item you wish to speak on is called
  • Please review the School Board adopted School Board Guidelines for Public Comment to help prepare to speak at a School Board meeting.