Watch Past Regular School Board Meetings

Below is an archive of past regular School Board Meetings.  Agendas and background information are posted on BoardDocs.

Regular meetings are broadcast live on Arlington cable, Comcast Cable Channel 70 and Verizon FiOS Channel 41, and rerun the following Friday at 9 PM and the following Monday at 7:30 PM.

Watch Recent Meetings

School Board Meeting July 29, 2021

For closed captions, click the “CC” button in the bottom toolbar of the video window once the meeting starts (if you don’t see the toolbar, click once in the video window).

Meeting Agenda:

Opening: Pledge of Allegiance 0:00:00
Announcements; Superintendent’s Announcements and Updates 0:01:02
Consent Items & Appointments 0:28:49
Monitoring Item: Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning Annual Report 0:40:31
Information Item: Revision of School Board Policy I- Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities 1:09:38
Information Item: Revision of School Board Policy I- Addition of New Sports Teams 1:11:19

School Year 201-22 Meetings

Meetings prior to the current school year