School Board Members

School Board Photo
(Picture L-R) Monique O’Grady, Reid Goldstein, Barbara Kanninen, Tannia Talento, Nancy Van Doren

School Board members are available to meet with small groups or individuals to discuss issues or positions by appointment.  See the current School Liaison Assignments and Civic Association Liaison Assignments.  Community members are welcome to visit with a Board member during Open Office Hours!

School Board Members Term Expires
Reid Goldstein, Chair 12/31/19
Tannia Talento, Vice Chair 12/31/20
Barbara Kanninen, Member 12/31/22
Monique O’Grady, Member 12/31/21
Nancy Van Doren, Member 12/31/20

The Arlington School Board is composed of five members who serve overlapping four-year terms. Terms commence on January 1 of the year following the election.

* Citizens interested in the election process should contact the office of Voter Registration and Elections of Arlington County at 703-228-3456 for more information.