David Priddy

School Board Member David PriddyDavid Priddy joined the School Board on January 1, 2021.

A native Arlingtonian, he attended Arlington Public Schools: Long Branch Elementary, Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and Wakefield High School. He graduated from James Madison University in 1996 with a degree in History. As a product of APS, he is pleased to see his children benefiting from a quality education here. With his wife Melanie, they are now following their sons’ educational experiences at Fleet Elementary and at Jefferson Middle School. Through coaching basketball, baseball, and soccer, he also has an appreciation of the rich sports programs available to our children. As part of his commitment to all parents and children in Arlington, David has served on various local committees and organizations focused on education including as President of the Jefferson Middle School PTA, as a member of the Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning (formerly the Advisory Council on Instruction), NAACP Education Committee, Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Equity and Excellence, County Council of PTAs, and Building Level Planning Committee for the Career Center Expansion, among others. This has given him greater insight into the concerns of the Arlington community as a whole.

Most of David’s professional career has been in the vertical transportation industry where he managed branches in Santa Barbara, Burbank, and Northern Virginia.  He brings an aptitude for managing budgets, multi-million-dollar operations, working with labor unions, transforming sustainability solutions into everyday practice, and dealing with various aspects of construction.

David’s business experience coupled with having elementary and middle school-age children currently in APS uniquely positions him to represent the APS experience and to provide direction moving forward. He has had a front-row seat to four decades of positive changes, as well as to the remaining challenges that Arlington County faces. His active engagement with the community during these uncertain times caused by COVID-19 ensures that the perspectives of parents, teachers, students, and APS staff will be considered as APS makes difficult decisions around the safe return to school and how to move forward.

Office Phone: 703-228-6015

Email: david.priddy@apsva.us / school.board@apsva.us

Term expires December 31, 2024