What’s Up, APS? Podcast

podcast2The What’s Up, APS? Podcast, hosted by Communications Coordinator Frank Bellavia, is an inside look at Arlington Public Schools. To ask a question about a previous pod or to suggest a topic for a future episode, email apsnews@apsva.us.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 14: Elementary Boundaries (Elementary Boundaries transcript)

Episode 13: 2018 Community Read (2018 Community Read transcript)

Episode 12 – New Principals Series: Swanson’s Renee Harber and Williamsburg’s Bryan Boykin

Episode 11 – New Principals Series: Yorktown’s Bridget Loft and Barcroft’s Judy Apostolico-Buck

Episode 10 – New Principals Series: Ashlawn’s Breonna McClain and Carlin Springs’ Eileen Delaney

Episode 9 – 2018-24 Strategic Plan

Episode 8 – Middle School Boundaries

Episode 7 – 2018 Virginia Teacher of the Year Michelle Cottrell-Williams

Episode 6 – Substance Abuse with counselors Jenny Sexton and Maria Ceballos (Substance Abuse transcript)

Episode 5 – New High School Food Options (New High School Food Options transcript)

Episode 4 – Summer Learning (Summer Learning transcript)

Episode 3 – Jennifer Burgin’s trip to the Galapagos Islands (Jennifer Burgin transcript)

Episode 2 – Global Village Summer Program (Global Village transcript)

Episode 1 – Kate Miller’s PolarTrek (Kate Miller transcript)

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