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Academic Advising 

It is never too early to start your preparation for college and a career!

Academic advising is an interactive collaborative process in which Arlington Public Schools counselors and staff partner with students and families to listen, advise, and help the student set and achieve academic goals, acquire relevant information and services, and make responsible decisions consistent with interests, goals, abilities, and degree requirements. Students meet with their school counselor annually to complete their academic and career plan. In middle school and high school, selection of courses requires counselor assistance and parent/guardian approval.

The APS Program of Studies is updated yearly to use as a reference when meeting with the student’s counselor. Includes course offerings at APS Middle and High Schools as well as additional information about academic advising.

Engaging with your school counselor and teachers to explore careers and create a meaningful academic and career plan is very important. This plan includes a course sequence and pathway to “life after high school.”

Request to remove ACT and SAT scores from transcripts: 

Request to expunge high school courses taken in middle school:


Academic progress can continually be monitored through Parentvue. Instructions on reading report here.