Washington-Lee Renaming Process

Applications for the renaming committee are no longer being accepted.

The proposed members will be notified by Tue, Sept. 4, 2018 and will be presented for approval by the School Board on Thu, Sept. 6, 2018.

On June 7, 2018, the School Board adopted a revised policy for Naming of Facilities (F-6.1). The policy describes how APS manages Requests to Rename Schools/Facilities. To date, APS has received nearly 100 request to rename Washington-Lee H.S. and on June 7, 2018, the School Board directed staff to undertake a renaming process for the school.

In the fall of 2018, School and Community Relations will partner with an external facilitator and the principal of Washington-Lee High School to manage a renaming for Washington-Lee that meets the criteria defined by the Naming of Facilities Policy.

Renaming Committee Membership Defined by PIP

21 Members

  • 4 Students: One student for each grade level (if the building being renamed is a high school)
  • 3 Parents: parent/family representatives of the school being re-named (includes 1 IB parent)
  • 3 School Staff: teacher/staff representatives of the school being re-named
  • 4 Civic Assn.: One representative from each of the four civic associations that are closest to the school being re-named
  • 4 Alumni: In the case of a high school, four alumni, each representing a different decade for the school’s graduating classes, and who are current residents of Arlington County
  • 1 Historical Assn.: Representative from the Arlington Historical Society who is not an alumni or parent of a current student for the school to be renamed.
  • 1 Minority Affairs: Arlington Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs
  • 1 Principal of the school to be renamed.
  • One Staff Liaison, (non-voting)
  • One Professional Facilitator (non-voting)

Each member will be charged with soliciting input from their corresponding   school, neighborhood or community groups.

Participating in Community Engagement Strategies and Activities

Community engagement will be, in part, a responsibility of the committee members to solicit recommendations and input from their corresponding constituent groups.  Engagement may include:

  • Reach out to the member that is associated to your group to ask questions or share your ideas
  • Minutes from the committee meetings will be posted online
  • Ask a committee member to talk with your group or share the meeting summaries with your group
  • Participate when opportunities arise for the community provide feedback (through surveys or other opportunities
  • Share information on your organization’s listserve or email group
  • Use the Online Feedback Form on “Engage with APS” – select the initiative from the drop-down list to submit your comments and input (all comments will be shared with the full committee

Timeline for the Renaming Process



August 2018

  • Provide PTAs, Civic Associations with overview of process and how to get involved
  • Accept online applications for committee membership (Aug 2 – 17)
  • Publish schedule, contact info for each of the groups

School Community Engagement

Sept. – Nov. 2018

  • Members appointed to committees (Sept 6)
  • Committees establish meeting schedule
  • Develop recommended name with input from the community

School Board Meeting Schedule

Aug. – Dec. 2018

  • Work Session – August 28, 2018
  • Appoint Naming Committee Members – Consent September 6, 2018
  • Information Item – December 6, 2018
  • Action – December 20, 2018

SCR Staff Liaison & Principal Team

Linda Erdos, Asst Superintendent, School and Community Relations & + Professional Facilitator
Gregg Robertson, Principal

Supporting Documents: