Requesting a Transfer to Another Neighborhood High School

Neighborhood Schools

Neighborhood schools have attendance areas established by the School Board. Every student is guaranteed admission to the elementary, middle, and high school serving the attendance area in which the student resides. If you need to determine your neighborhood high school, please use the Boundary (Attendance Zone) Locator.

Neighborhood Transfers

Neighborhood transfers to all APS high schools will be offered to the extent possible given financial constraints and capacity limits. The school accepting neighborhood transfers for the 2020-21 school year is as follows:

School Number of Slots
Yorktown High School 40

Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation when a student accepts a transfer to another neighborhood school that is accepting transfers. If families are interested in requesting a neighborhood transfer upon availability, they must complete a high school transfer application through the online application portal.

Information on how to apply for a neighborhood transfer and the appeals process is available on the How to Apply page.

For additional information or questions, please contact the APS Welcome Center at 703-228-8000 or