Middle School Option Schools and Programs

APS provides educational options in which students may enroll, recognizing that individual students may thrive in varied educational settings. Option Schools require an application process and admission is based on a lottery process.

The application period for the 2020-21 school year takes place between November 4, 2019 to January 17, 2020. The Options and Transfers policy is outlined in School Board Policy J-5.3.31.

English and Spanish Immersion Program at Gunston

The Spanish language immersion program offered at Gunston Middle School is a continuation of the elementary Two-Way Spanish Immersion programs at Key and Claremont Elementary Schools.

Students currently enrolled in the APS elementary immersion programs will complete an Intent-to-Return form through their school. Students not currently in an APS immersion program will need to meet language requirements for acceptance into the middle school program.

  • School overview
  • Population it serves — Students who attended the Spanish Immersion program at Key or Claremont, and students who demonstrate the language skills needed for entry into the program.
  • Transportation — Provided to students living more than 1.5 miles away from the school.

Montessori Middle Years Program at Gunston

The Montessori Middle Years program offered at Gunston Middle School follows Maria Montessori’s philosophy, children engage in learning activities of their own choosing in a multi-age, well-ordered physical environment. Students currently enrolled in the APS Montessori program will complete an Intent-to-Return form through the elementary Montessori program. Students entering this program from outside of APS will need to meet Montessori experience requirements for acceptance into the middle school program.

  • School overview
  • Population it serves — Qualified Montessori students.
  • Transportation — Provided to students living more than 1.5 miles away from the school.

H-B Woodlawn

The H-B Woodlawn program’s central focus is student choice. Students make choices in three general areas: use of time and personal behavior, educational goals and school governance. View the H-B Woodlawn presentation at Middle School Information Night.

  • School overview
  • Population it serves — H-B Woodlawn is a countywide program open to all students in middle and high school through application to the 6th or 9th grade entry levels.
  • Transportation — School bus transportation is provided for H-B Woodlawn students through hub stops placed in central locations where students from several neighborhoods meet to catch the bus to their school. There are 37 H-B Woodlawn hub stops located throughout the County. A map and list of stop locations is available to view at the school’s main office. In addition, H-B Woodlawn is located in a transit friendly area and many students are using public transit to get to and from school. There is no parent drop-off area for the H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program at the Heights Building.
  • Slot allotment — Pursuant to APS options and transfers procedures, slots in the sixth-grade class at H-B Woodlawn will be assigned based on the size of fifth-grade cohorts in each elementary school, including option schools, and based on the number of students who were not previously enrolled in APS who applied to the program. The seat allocations were adjusted this year to provide more equitable access to students interested in attending H-B Woodlawn. Students in grades 6-12 interested in attending H-B Woodlawn for the 2019-20 school year will need to complete the Secondary School Options Application because the waitlist from the previous years will not carry over for the new 2019-20 application period.A total of 75 sixth-grade slots are available for the 2019-20 school year.

The H-B Woodlawn slot allocation for each elementary school is as follows:

School Name Slots School Name Slots
Abingdon 4 Hoffman-Boston 2
Arlington Science Focus 4 Jamestown 4
Arlington Traditional 3 Key 3
Ashlawn 4 Long Branch 3
Barcroft 3 McKinley 5
Barrett 3 Montessori Public School of Arlington 1
Campbell 2 Nottingham 3
Carlin Springs 3 Oakridge 4
Claremont 3 Randolph 2
Discovery 3 Taylor 4
Drew 2 Tuckahoe 3
Fleet 3 Outside of APS 1
Glebe 3

For additional information or questions, please contact the APS Welcome Center at 703-228-8000 or schooloptions@apsva.us.