Montessori Program Enrollment


Arlington Public Schools offers a Montessori program for children beginning at 3 years of age. To enter, children must be three by September 30 of the school year and have parents/guardians who reside in Arlington. Montessori for elementary age children is offered at Drew Model School.

Application Process

An Application Form should be submitted to the desired school location between February 2 and April 15, for the upcoming school year. A lottery will be conducted if there are more applications than available spaces. Parents will be notified of their child”s status by mail.
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Children that live within the attendance zone of the school can ride the bus, starting in their four-year-old year. Campbell and Drew Elementary provide transportation for all students in Montessori.


Tuition for three-and four-year-old children is charged on a sliding fee schedule based on family income. Children in their four-year-old year and whose parents’ income is at or less than the amount specified in the annual income guideline, do not pay tuition.There is no tuition charged for children in the five-year-old or elementary years.


Montessori is a full-day, five days a week program. Holidays follow the Arlington Public Schools calendar.