Langston High School Continuation Program

langstonAddress: 2121 N Culpeper, Arlington, VA 22207
Phone: 703-228-5295
Fax: 703-807-0614
Administrator: Cleveland James, Jr.,
Web Site:

The High School Continuation Program is a flexible program that allows high school students to take courses needed to acquire the credits needed for graduation. Although students take courses in this program, graduating seniors receive a high school diploma from their neighborhood school.

The calendar for the High School Continuation Program differs from the comprehensive high school allowing students the flexibility of earning credits in a more individualized fashion. Students register either at the beginning of each quarter for a full credit or at mid-term for a half credit.

For more detailed information visit the High School Continuation web site. After viewing information there continue to find out more at the web site for each location, Arlington Mill or Langston.

As a result of working in a program that is kept small by design, teachers have developed a family-type supportive atmosphere. They have also developed the skills to teach extremely diverse students more than one subject in any given classroom setting, an ability necessary to a small program. They are able to individualize instruction and assignments to better meet the assorted needs of our student body.