Electives (Art, Music, PE)

Health and Physical Education (PE)

Students will:

  • Learn new content using both synchronous and asynchronous models
  • Participate in relationship building activities
  • Perform/demonstrate physical skill development
  • Perform fitness activities toward their personal fitness goals at their level of engagement
  • Understand and develop health skills to make healthy decisions
  • Acquire and practice effective communication, stress management, social emotional learning and relationship building strategies

Art, General Music, and Instrumental Music

  • Students will learn new content using both synchronous and asynchronous models
  • Students will use platforms, such as Canvas, to access content and resources for lessons, with an emphasis on visual arts concepts and lessons, musical literacy readiness, and note and rhythm reading.
  • Flipgrid will give students the opportunity to interact with one another via video to create social and emotional connections with their classmates and teachers, transitioning between asynchronous and synchronous learning models.
  • Each instrumental student will be provided with an interactive online method book, providing students the ability to record video and audio assignments, with or without accompaniment, and receive both instant feedback as well as individualized feedback from their teachers.
  • Instruments will be distributed at the school sites.

While students may be learning at a distance, our shared passion and curiosity for music and art in APS will keep us united as a community.