Special Services for Gifted Students

The APS model for delivering differentiated instruction for gifted learners is a “collaborative cluster” and is guided by our adopted local plan. Gifted learners are clustered by area of identification by classrooms, to provide more efficiency in planning and delivery of differentiated instruction, with weekly coaching and support from the Resource Teacher for the Gifted (RTG). This also allows for a structure to support students having academic peers throughout the day.

Resource Teachers for the Gifted (RTGs) will continue ongoing support and coaching of cluster teachers in grades 1-5 and K teachers who may not have clusters in elementary school. They will also support instructional planning using the APS Critical and Creative Thinking Framework and/or curricular framework of resources written for gifted learners as supported by content offices.

RTGs will continue collaborating with special education case carriers and teachers to provide planning and support for twice exceptional (2e) learners supporting the Instructional Expectations for Special Education in this document. When possible, the RTG will be part of the IEP and 504 process. RTGs will continue collaborating with English Learner teachers to support students who are advanced/gifted and need extension activities.