Special Services for Students with Disabilities

Teachers will review Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or Section 504 Plans for students in their class, so that services and accommodations can be implemented in the distance learning model. Special Education teachers and Case Carriers will be collaborating with classroom teachers and Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs) to ensure supports are thoughtfully planned for and implemented.

Some common accommodations used in virtual learning may include:

  • Reinforcing instruction through written materials and voice recordings
  • Providing copies of all notes and handouts
  • Allowing students to slow down the pace of content or have extended time
  • Providing assessment (testing) in the student’s most successful format
  • Providing students opportunities to use alternative methods for assignments
  • Having multiple ways to assess course content, and provide students options for task and assignment completion

For additional suggestions on collaborating with IEP Teams, please visit Special Education Supports and Services: Fall, 2020 Guidance for Families .