Health & Safety

icon of hand sanitizer Our priority remains the health and safety of students and staff.

Success in in-person instruction depends on all members of the school community adhering to these mitigation strategies consistently: 

  1. WASH hands often 
  2. DISTANCE to avoid close contact 
  3. WEAR A MASK properly fitted to cover mouth and nose  
  4. COVER coughs and sneezes 
  5. SANITIZE through frequent cleaning and disinfecting 

Information on Health & Safety

Monitoring Health and Exclusion Data

The APS COVID-19 Response Team will help monitor each schools’ adherence to five mitigation strategies for COVID-19. We have created a Safety, Security, Risk and Emergency Management Concern Form for staff and families to report any concerns about health and safety compliance. We conduct random onsite spot checks, deliver training, education and resources on health and safety procedures, and generate regular reports for administrators.

APS will also continue to maintain and monitor the APS COVID-19 Dashboard health metrics, staff and student attendance, and exclusion data (due to close contact or positive cases reported), for any changes indicating transmission of the virus within our schools. The dashboard will continue to be updated every Friday. If the circumstances surrounding the pandemic change, APS may adjust our established procedures or return status for staff and students accordingly.