Student Health Screener Frequently Asked Questions

What information is collected by the Qualtrics Platform?
Qualtrics collects responses to the screening and self-reporting forms.  This includes yes or no questions on the screener regarding your health and possible close contacts or positive cases.

Will temperatures still be taken at the bus and school entrance?
Yes. Temperature checks will be administered before students board the bus or enter school.

Do I need to complete the screener if my student is in distance learning or on a Saturday when my student is not attending an in-person class or activity?
We ask all families to complete the screening daily, whether your student is in distance learning or in person, and it must be completed for any students participating in person. The screening platform will allow APS to capture daily data regarding the health of the school community. This information will be used for monitoring and reporting close contacts, reported positive cases, COVID-like symptoms and other illnesses, and attendance among APS staff and students.

Why is APS sending these texts every day of the week and not just on weekdays?
The system cannot separate school days from additional activities so all families will receive the messages every day of the week in the event there are weekend athletics or other activities taking place which require completion of the questions.

Why is Arlington Public Schools using a system to do this instead of just asking at the door?
This system will also us to streamline arrivals and gather health data in real time and to provide more information about exclusions and attendance in our dashboard reporting.

Will my information be personally identifiable?
Information in the system is connected with already supplied data and can be personally attributed by only Human Resources, Safety, Security, Risk and Emergency Management, building principals/supervisors and the two IT data engineers.  We have to be able to identify responses of individuals in order to properly exclude staff and students that are symptomatic with COVID like illness.

What level of data security is there with the platform?
Qualtrics is a HIPPA compliant, encrypted end to end solution used by fortune 100 companies and the government.  Data is segmented by permissions to ensure only the lowest level of data needed is seen by individual user.

What information will be reported from the platform to the general public?
Reporting information will be updated in aggregate format as we have shared at town halls and board meetings to show things like completion rate, number of positive cases, close contacts, etc.  Legal counsel has provided some specific parameters we operate within to ensure Personally Identifiable Information is not published.

What if I want to unsubscribe from the text messages or emails?
If a parent/legal guardian wants to unsubscribe from the text messages sent from the system they can reply “STOP” to the text message at any time.  This does not stop the email notifications.

What if I forget to do my student’s screening before arriving at the bus or school?
Parents/guardians are required to complete this before riding on the bus or attending school. Attendants can assist with the questions and complete the screening as necessary as we make this transition.

How will the bus or school attendant know if I have completed the screener or not?
If you have a mobile device, you can show the screener result as you arrive at the bus or school. Building Principals and Administrators have access to dashboard pages that display those employees and students who have responded, not responded, and who are not cleared to attend in person. They will be able to verify the information. We have also set up a few specific department pages for Food and Nutrition Services, Extended Day, Transportation, and Maintenance/Plant Operations.

I currently do not receive a text message invitation to do my symptom screener, how can I get one?
Parents who wish to receive the screener via text should ensure that their contact information is up to date in ParentVUE. Instructions are available online. 

What address does the email come from?
The emails come from APS COVID Response Team <>.