High School

Students in all grade levels will engage in both synchronous (live–online) and asynchronous (independent–online or offscreen) learning 4 days per week, Tuesday through Friday. Students will participate in the courses they selected in February, 2020.

On Mondays, students will participate in asynchronous learning while teachers engage in collaborative planning and small group interventions with some students conducted synchronously, as necessary.

Given the specific academic needs of high school students, they will be scheduled to teachers for each of their courses just as they have been in previous years. When transitions begin for some students to in-person instruction, based on their preference, all high school students will continue with the same teacher regardless of the model they choose. This means that a student who transitions to in-person instruction may receive live instruction from a teacher who is not physically present in the classroom for certain courses. Those classes will be supervised by another staff member while instruction is provided remotely.

If it is not possible to enroll in a course that would be taught by an APS teacher, students will be offered an opportunity to enroll in a course taught by an online provider, such as Virtual Virginia.


APS Handbook 2020-21 – official Policies & Procedures (Español)

First Month Back – What to Expect

The first few weeks of school are important for building routines and establishing a strong community and foundation for learning. This will be an important time of transition as students get acclimated to new routines and expectations in the distance learning environment, and meet their teachers and new classmates. Our initial priority will be building community, addressing students’ social-emotional needs, and making sure they are comfortable, acclimated, and ready to learn. We expect there will be challenges in the first few weeks. We ask for your support and patience as teachers and students adjust and as we build this important foundation for learning during the first few weeks.

Sample Schedule

(synchronous and asynchronous, all grades
5 hours, 35 minutes per day
  • Advisory:
    Students in the comprehensive
    high schools will participate in
    a synchronous advisory period
    led by school staff
  • Teacher planning
  • Teacher/Counselor Office Hours
  • Directed small group and
    one-one Interventions
  • Students will be engaged
    in asynchronous learning
    (approximately 30 min per course)

1st or 2nd period (95 min total; 50 min synchronous)
Transition time (5min)
3rd period (50 min total; 30 min synchronous)
Lunch (60 min)
4th or 5th period (95 min total; 50 min synchronous)
Transition time (5 min)
6th or 7th period (95 min total; 50 min synchronous)