High School Attendance, Grading and Assessment (Testing)

Note for Seniors: APS will host a School Day SAT administration on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. This testing opportunity is only available to currently enrolled APS 12th grade students. To register for the School Day SAT on Tuesday, October 27, please complete the form at this link: http://bit.ly/APS_SchoolDaySAT. You must register by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13. MORE INFORMATION


Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) requires that attendance be taken daily. In order to consider “in attendance,” students are expected to interact and respond to “meaningful interactions” with their teachers every day.Attendance is not based on assignment completion. Attendance will be documented in Synergy. Families will be contacted if students ​are marked absent because they did not complete​a check-in ​that day.Daily Attendance  Check in for Daily Attendance, Monday-Friday

  • Students must check in to “Homeroom/TA period” course daily (M-F).
  • This will mark them as present for the whole day. The student will be marked as absent if the check-in is not completed.
  • Students who are having connectivity issues need to report no later than 11a.m. to their school’s attendance hotline
  • If a student is ill and cannot complete the check-ins, parents please email and/or call the attendance office to report the absence.
  • Attendance phone calls will go out at 7:00pm.

Period Attendance  Period attendance will be documented in Synergy.  Teachers can use any of the following methods for monitoring period attendance:

  • Online form, question, survey (i.e. exit ticket, SEL video question, etc)
  • Chat participation (directly with teacher or as part of a teacher facilitated group chat)
  • Phone call from teacher to student (especially relevant for students with connectivity issues)
  • ​Participation in a MS Team meeting ​related to the class

For information on acceptable absences and attendance procedures, please see the APS Handbook.


Teachers will provide detailed information in their syllabus which will include what they expect from students and how they will be evaluated. Students will be provided with timely and meaningful feedback as they master outcomes on key learning standards and instructional objectives.

Teachers will follow the grading procedures and guidelines as detailed in Policy Implementation Procedure I- PIP-2: Communication – Grade Reporting to Parents (Grades 6-12).

Assessment (Testing)

Teachers will use a variety of formative assessments (e.g. exit slips, quick checks, journal entry, conferences) to monitor student understanding and mastery of skills. Digital assessment tools (e.g. Canvas Quizzes) will be used to evaluate ongoing learning. The data collected should be used to help modify instruction and support students’ learning. Summative assessments (e.g. projects, tests, essays) will be used to measure students’ level of proficiency upon the end of the unit of instruction.

Parents should help students create a successful testing environment that is quiet and free from distraction.