High School Student Expectations

Students are expected to:

  • Complete assignments during the assigned time frame on their own, or with help from parents as appropriate
  • Communicate with their teachers around any conflict that may arise in regard to the completion of their work (illness, work, or care of siblings).
  • Complete assessments (testing) as directed by teachers
  • Make every effort to attend classes, engage in online activities, and be an active participant in their own education.
  • Take care of their APS devices and interact online in accordance with APS policies and guidance.

As they engage in learning online, students should:

  • Actively attend and participate freely in class.
  • Use the “raise hand” feature in Microsoft Teams if they have a question during class
  • Minimize distractions to themselves and to other students (no TV on in the background, minimal interaction with family members, etc.)
  • Come to class dressed appropriately and with an appropriate background (blur or another background choice).
  • Work under their teacher’s guidance regarding the use of their camera during Microsoft Teams meetings (synchronous online instruction); if using their video, they should mute their microphone when they are not speaking.
  • Use appropriate language throughout all virtual interactions. Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication (e.g., emails, discussion boards, group projects, submitted assignments).
  • Add a photo or bitmoji of themselves to their Canvas and Microsoft Teams profile.

Student conduct during distance learning should comply with all APS policies, and is subject to normal APS disciplinary procedures. Please see the Behavior and Disciplinary Responsibilities section of the APS Handbook.

Homework:  Students are encouraged to engage in nightly independent reading of their choice. Beyond that, no additional assignments/homework will be required outside of the expectations for asynchronous work that is part of students’ daily class time, or the 30 minutes per subject of asynchronous work assigned for Mondays.