Transition to Hybrid/In-Person Model


At the School Board meeting on September 24, 2020, Superintendent Dr. Durán presented the school division’s Phased Return to Hybrid, In-Person Learning Plan and COVID-19 Dashboard. The plan defined five levels of return, prioritized by students’ level of need and ability to access learning remotely; the plan is based on guidance from the Virginia Department of Education , as well as regional and local health metrics in consultation with the Arlington County Public Health Division.


APS will begin with Level 1 Return for a small group of students with disabilities in mid- to late-October, followed by Level 2 Return for English Learners, students with disabilities, PreK-3rd grade students, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) students enrolled in the Career Center, in early- to mid-November. Level 3 Return, for all students who select hybrid, in-person learning, is planned for December, depending on health and operational metrics.  Ability to proceed to each Level is based on the COVID-19 dashboard.  If community health conditions worsen, APS, in collaboration with the Arlington County Public Health Department, will pause at the current level, reverse, or suspend all in-person instruction. ​

APS Phased Return to Hybrid, In-Person Learning Plan

LEVEL 0 (Grey) Full Distance Learning All students Current Status
LEVEL 1 (Red) In-person distance learning supports for select students with disabilities (SWD) SWDs who require direct support to access the curriculum as presented via distance learning. ​ Mid to Late-October
LEVEL 2 (Orange) Schools and offices open with limited required reporting. Majority of students learn from a distance. Select student groups will participate in Hybrid, in-person learning.
  • English Learners 1-4/grades K-12
  • All SWD with IEP’s
  • All PreK-3rd grade students
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) students enrolled in the Career Center
Early to Mid-November
LEVEL 3 (Yellow) Schools and offices open. Students participate in a hybrid model (distance and in-person). All Students Choosing Hybrid In-Person Learning Early December
LEVEL 4 (Green) Schools open at 100% capacity for in-person instruction. All students. TBD



APS will provide an opportunity for students and families, as well as staff, to update the return selections they made in mid-July prior to each Level Return.

Staff: APS will determine staffing needs for each return level, and only those staff will be surveyed prior to return at that level. ​For Level 1, Human Resources will survey relevant staff Oct. 1-8, and Level 2 the week of Oct. 5.

Families: APS will contact Return Level 1 families directly to confirm preference the week of Sept. 28. For Level 2, APS will open the ParentVUE process for all Level 2 students and families to update their selections on Tue, Sept. 29.

​REVIEW the Hybrid In-Person/Distance Learning Model

The hybrid in-person/distance-learning model delivers in-person instruction in APS schools, with physical distancing and health and safety measures in place to protect students and staff, per CDC and VDH guidelines. In this model, students will attend school in-person on two consecutive days each week, and engage in self-directed, asynchronous distance learning on the other three days. Mondays would give teachers time for planning and also for small-group interventions conducted synchronously, as necessary.

Families will be given an opportunity to confirm their instructional model (distance learning or hybrid) when we determine it is possible to transition to they hybrid model.

Face coverings/masks are required for students and staff while at school/work unless medically exempt.

See the APS Health & Safety plan for school buildings

Sample Schedules