Accelerated Learning Plan

What is accelerated learning? 

Accelerated learning allows APS teachers to focus on teaching students current grade-level material, while reinforcing skills and concepts from the previous level that are necessary to master the new content. It builds on students’ prior knowledge and experiences and aims to make learning accessible.

How will we approach it? 

As teachers work to accelerate student learning, they will:

  1. Plan instruction utilizing reframed APS curriculum documents that emphasize the most critical skills and knowledge for each course or grade level
  2. Work in Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs) to plan meaningful and engaging instruction for all students with diverse learning needs
  3. Prioritize the teaching of identified power standards which vertically align to the previous and next grade level.
  4. Utilize scaffolding strategies to help students with diverse learning needs master the key concepts in grade-level content
  5. Determine students’ unfinished learning and identify any learning gaps through the use of assessments (Ex: ELA will assess students’ foundational reading skills using DIBELS)
  6. Address the identified key gaps during learning. This work will not be done in isolation or through separate remediation program, but during current instruction at the appropriate time.
  7. Provide targeted interventions to address significant learning gaps
  8. Gather formative data to gauge students’ understanding and use it to inform ongoing planning with collaborative teams
  9. Monitor student progress and provide modifications and supports based on results
  10. Utilize new resources to address identified learning gaps
  11. Provide targeted, explicit, and specially designed  instruction to SWD to address IEP and/or Recovery Service goals
  12. Monitor progress on IEP and/or Recovery Service Goals for SWD using ongoing data
  13. Communicate content and language learning targets in student-friendly language accessible to students’ English Language Proficiency (ELP) levels
  14. Provide instruction appropriately scaffolded for English Learners in alignment with their ELP levels

Students will:

  1. Receive grade-level material and tasks, along with any necessary scaffolds to make the work accessible.
  2. Engage in meaningful instruction that uses a variety of approaches, such as: hands-on activities, cooperative learning, and project-based learning
  3. Demonstrate their understanding through various forms of assessments, including performance tasks
  4. Work collaboratively with their peers to learn rigorous content
  5. Engage in small group instruction to focus on specific skills and/or IEP goals
  6. Set goals for content and language learning (specific for English Learners)
  7. Engage in sustained reciprocal conversation targeting content and language goals (specific for English Learners)