Health & Safety Information

Updated Mask Guidance as of February 28, 2022

Check the current transmission levels in Arlington County

Low Transmission
Medium Transmission
High Transmission
Staff Optional Recommended Required
Student Optional Recommended Required*
Student Athlete Optional Recommended Required*^

*Parents/Guardians will be allowed to opt students out
^Student athletes participating in weekly testing will not be required to wear a mask

APS will continue to review and adjust our policies in accordance with guidance from the CDC, VDH and VDOE.

Prevention Strategies  |  Health Screening  |  COVID-19 Testing  |  Contact Tracing (Quarantine & Isolation)  |  School Health Clinic Staff

Prevention Strategies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all members of the school community participate in strategies to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  APS has committed to the following prevention strategies as outlined by the CDC:

Promoting Vaccination

We encourage all families who have eligible members including students to obtain an approved COVID-19 vaccine through a healthcare provider or Arlington County Public Health.  For more information on how to get vaccinated visit the Arlington County Public Health website.
Up-to-date vaccination means you have had both shots of a 2-shot vaccine (or had an initial single-dose vaccine) AND have had a booster when eligible.

Student Vaccine Verification
Starting in February, we will collect voluntary student vaccine information for the Test-to-Stay program and to further support the contact tracing process to reduce any disruption to a student’s education. Families are encouraged to complete student vaccine verification by uploading their documentation and completing the online questionnaire.

Access the vaccine verification portal here
Please ensure you enter an “S” before your student’s ID number to ensure that their record is updated appropriately.
Families who need support can contact our COVID Response Team at

Consistent and Correct Mask Use

Arlington Public Schools is following CDC and Virginia Department of Health guidance regarding mask wearing (see top of page).

Strategized Surveillance Testing

Arlington Public Schools provides symptomatic and exposure related testing via appointment and asymptomatic based testing through a strategized surveillance program.  Trained staff provide a mid-nasal swab testing using a PCR pooled test strategy.

Health Screening

A daily health screener is sent to all families and employees every morning to encourage students and employees to remain at home when sick. This daily health screener provides direct guidance to students and employees on how to respond when they may have symptoms, an exposure, or tested positive. MORE INFORMATION

Contact Tracing (Quarantine and Isolation)

The school division in conjunction with Arlington County Public Health conduct contact tracing for positive cases within the schools. Individuals may be required to quarantine if they are exposed to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19.


Instruction During Quarantine

Physical Distancing

Schools will implement distancing to the extent possible in schools; however, distancing consistently will not be possible. Masking and other strategies will help protect the school community in classrooms and spaces where distancing is not possible.


The school division adopted the ASHREA COVID-19 guidelines last year which include:

    • Targeting 4-6 ACH (air changes per hour) for classroom spaces
    • Continuing operations of CACDs (Certified Air Cleaning Devices) in classroom spaces
    • Maximizing outside air ventilation to the greatest extent possible
    • Operating ventilation systems pre and post occupancy for 2 hours
    • Allowing windows to be open when outside conditions allow
    • Increasing air filtration to the highest level possible (MERV-13)

Find out more about Air Quality & Ventilation

Cleaning and Disinfecting

APS custodial staff will clean and sanitize the school building regularly. Custodians use hospital grade disinfectant and sanitizing products every day. The following steps are performed to maximize our sanitizing efforts:

    • Increased cleaning or restrooms and high-touch surfaces/points such as door handles
    • Cleaning chairs and tables in between cafeteria shifts where relevant
    • Daytime custodians have been instructed to continuously disinfect and sanitize all touch points throughout the day.

 Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette

Schools continue to provide ample opportunity for students to wash their hands during keys times of the day (e.g., before meals, after recess, after bathroom breaks, etc.) while teaching and reinforcing appropriate respiratory etiquette.

Visitors, Volunteers, and Events

All visitors are required to sign in and out of the school building using the Visitor Management System. Face coverings are only required in compliance with the current APS Mask Policy at the time of the visit.

Athletics and Band

All students participating in High School athletics are required to be vaccinated by November 8. (More Information) Outdoor athletics/activities do not require masks, but testing is strongly encouraged especially for non-vaccinated students.  Indoor athletics/activities require masks, but teams will be tested daily.

Playground, Recess, Physical Education

Face masks are not required outside on the playground. APS will continue to require frequent hand sanitizing before going to playground areas and immediately following with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Students may share equipment during recess, which will be sanitized to the extent possible by staff and may access playground swings and other available play areas. Physical distancing will be maintained to the extent possible.

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack

APS is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and students throughout the entire school day. We have developed a plan to protect student health and safety during meals, in accordance with CDC and VDH guidelines for schools. Every school has either a partial or full outdoor lunch plan, and every school will consistently implement the following health and safety measures during lunch:

    • Cafeteria or other dining spaces and frequently touched surfaces will be regularly and thoroughly cleaned by custodial staff between mealtimes.
    • Students will be required to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before and after eating. Time will be provided for handwashing and sanitizer will be readily available for student use.
    • Mealtime will be monitored to ensure adherence to the safety measures in place .


APS will resume normal bus capacities. Windows will remain cracked on all buses to allow for outside air circulation. Masks will be required at High community transmission levels.

School Health Clinic Staff

Health clinic nurses and aides are provided through Arlington County. View the list of clinic staff and contact information