Instruction During Quarantine

APS’ priority is to provide in-person instruction five days a week. We recognize that there will be circumstances in which students will need instructional support if they are not able to attend class because they are quarantined. In most cases, these students will receive independent asynchronous learning activities focused on power standards. The term power standards in education refers to  learning standards that educators have determined to be the highest priority or most important for students to learn. Asynchronous work is work that can be done independently, versus with the teacher.

APS continues to develop the details around these plans and the various scenarios for individual students or groups of students being out of school due to quarantine. Plans are being developed in partnership with administrators. The details of instructional plans will vary based on circumstances such as the number of students who are out due to quarantine, whether or not the students are well and able to participate, the grade level, and other factors.

If more than half a class is in quarantine or isolation because of an exposure or positive/probable diagnosis, the entire class will transition to remote learning. For middle and high school, that particular course will be taught remotely and the remainder of a student’s courses would be provided as asynchronous work.