Virtual Learning on Inclement Weather Days

If APS closes school buildings due to inclement weather, schools may switch to virtual learning  to maintain required instructional days. If virtual learning is not possible during an inclement weather closure due to widespread power outages or other factors, APS may need to implement a calendar change later in the school year to make up the missed instructional time. The potential calendar revisions were presented at the Jan. 20 School Board meeting and will only be implemented if needed. Families will receive notice well in advance if any calendar changes are made due to inclement weather decisions.

Family guide to virtual learning on inclement weather days - click to load PDF
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Get Ready:

  • Remind students to bring devices and charging cords home daily. Teachers will also remind students.
  • Notify teachers now if students do not have access to reliable internet.
  • Help students practice logging into Teams and Canvas.

Virtual Learning

  • SYNCHRONOUS learning (live instruction online) will be a minimum of 2.5 hours (elementary) or 3 hours (secondary) daily. Classes may be recorded.
    • Via Teams (Teams links available in Canvas)
    • Classes will follow the regular bell schedule.
    • Students and teachers are expected to have their cameras on during live instruction.
  • ASYNCHRONOUS learning (independent work on or off devices) will be 20-45 minutes (elementary) or 30-45 minutes (secondary) daily.
    • Via Canvas, other apps, or off-device
  • Attendance will be recorded.
  • Students with IEPs will receive appropriate accommodations. Teachers will collaborate with special education staff and case carriers, as always.
  • English Learners will have the normal combination of individual and group work, both synchronous and asynchronous, facilitated by EL teachers and assistants.
  • Gifted students’ teachers will collaborate with RTGs to provide differentiated instruction.
  • APS will hand out emergency meal kits for ALL APS families at Kenmore, Gunston and Yorktown from 2:00- 3:30 p.m. on Wed, Feb. 9. These kits will contain three shelf-stable meal kits for families in the event that APS is closed due to inclement weather. The kits contain all the items required for the school meals program including a serving of fruit (apple sauce) or a vegetable, whole grain breakfast items and shelf-stable milk.