Social Studies

The APS Social Studies Program serves to engage students in 21st century education through meaningful and challenging experiences that will allow students to understand the relevance of history and the social sciences in our global society.

All APS students will have the social studies knowledge and skills to become informed, responsible, and reasoned citizens of a democratic society and an interdependent world.


Leading for Educational Equity by Teaching Hard History and Current Events

We, as social studies educators, support our students in examining issues of justice and human rights around the world. Teachers should support student inquiry through exposure to primary sources, multiple perspectives, and compelling questions as students learn to communicate, collaborate, and take action as global citizens.

Teaching difficult history and current events can be a challenge for all social studies educators.  Issues from both the present and the past can bring up many feelings for both students and teachers.  Addressing issues at the classroom level allows teachers to use knowledge of their students to prepare them to engage in lifelong inquiry and informed civic action.

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APS Social Studies

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APS Social Studies

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