Programs and Resources

  • New! Outdoor Preschool Playdates for November 2020

    • Outdoor playdates are 45 minutes of learning through play at High View Park on Mondays and Fort Barnard Park on Tuesdays. The Preschool Playdates are perfect for you and your 2-5 year-old. Come sing songs, read stories, play movement games and make-or-take an art project! Every week will offer a new, engaging theme. Please register here for just 1 program a week. Register children only. Please bring a blanket.
  • The Parent Resource Center

    • The Parent Resource Center (PRC) is a resource and information center for families, staff and community members. The PRC’s mission is to provide parents the support and information they need as they work with the school system to identify and meet their child’s unique learning needs.The PRC offers support and assistance, individual consultations with families at the PRC or by phone, a lending library, a parent newsletter, parent learning opportunities, and serves as an information and referral source for families and staff members.
  • Child Care Availability

    • Check here for up-to-date listings of child care in Arlington.
  • Infant Toddler Program (PIE)

    • Parent Infant Education Program (PIE):
      • For children (0-3years) who have special needs
      • The PIE program is part of the statewide early intervention program known as the Infant Toddler Connection of Virginia and is also known locally as the Infant Toddler Connection of Arlington. It is a family-centered program.
  • Preschool Programs

    • Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)
      • Students must turn four years old by by September 30th to be accepted into the program. A student’s family must meet income eligibility guidelines to enroll.
      • VPI is a full day Pre-K program located at 15 elementary schools (35 classrooms). This program follows curriculum which is research based, developmentally appropriate and has been shown to increase academic and social success for students.

      Primary Montessori

      • For students ages three to five. Students must turn three years old by September 30 to enroll.
      • A full day Montessori Pre-K program is offered at 6 elementary schools (18 primary classrooms) and is Two-thirds of the available slots are for students whose families meet income eligibility guidelines. Tuition for three-and four-year-old children is charged on a sliding fee schedule based on family income.

      Community Peer Pre-Kindergarten Program (CPP)

      • For students ages 2 years 6 months (by September 30) through 4-years old without identified disabilities.
      • The Arlington community will have the opportunity to participate in one of the preschool Special Education Programs through the Community Peer Pre-Kindergarten Program (CPP). There are Toddler and 3-5 classrooms. Any Arlington family may apply for this program.
  • Parenting Classes (Project Family)

    • Infant-Toddler Classes:
      • Infant classes are for newborns-12 months (or when the child begins to walk) and is 90 minutes (Thursdays 1:00-2:30 pm).
      • Toddler class are for 13-18 months old (or whenever they begin to walk) and is one hour (Wednesdays 9:00-10:00 am).
      • Classes focus on child development, health and safety, parenting, and routines. The class provides a supportive environment for parents with an infant to share stories, ask and answer questions, and learn from each other.

      Mixed-Age “Tot” Classes:

      • For Arlington parents with children ages 18 months up to 5 years old (or before Kindergarten)
      • Each 1.5 hour class includes Free Play, Circle Time, Parenting Tips, Exploring Time, and Closing Songs. Parents are expected to participate with their children in activities.Classes meet at various locations in Arlington (Arlington Mill Community Center, Gates of Ballston Community Center). Classes are held mornings and afternoons with various day/time options.
  • Story Time (Arlington Libraries)

      • While story times are not occurring at this time, as libraries are closed, information will be posted when they do eventually resume.
  • Behavior Support at Home (BIS)

    • Behavior Intervention Services (BIS) is a an Arlington County program with staff consisting of two behavior specialists and a supervising clinical psychologist. The BIS program provides behavioral consultation services to parents, guardians and teachers experiencing challenging behavior with children. The staff do not work directly with children. BIS staff provide recommendations to caregivers. BIS completes a behavioral assessment based on caregiver input and classroom observation as indicated.