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Office of Special Education

Director of Special Education, Paul Jamelske
Telephone: 703-228-6040

Supervisor, Special Education, Heather Rothenbuescher
Telephone:  703-228-6050

Compliance Specialist, Dr. Colleen Koval
Telephone:  703-228-6053

Parent Resource Center (PRC)

Telephone:  703-228-7239

Syphax Center at Sequoia Plaza 2110 Washington Boulevard, Suite 158, Arlington, VA  22204

Special Education Coordinator Assignment List:

School Coordinators
Abingdon Dr. Patricia Jones
Arlington Community HS Brian Stapleton
Arlington Science Focus Danna Galvin
Arlington Traditional School Julie Illari

Catherine Thompson

Melissa Ledesma

Barcroft Catherine Thompson
Barrett Julie Illari
Campbell Danna Galvin
Career Center

Carolyn Thiell

Jenny York

Carlin Springs Carlette Bryan
Claremont Alyssa Falbo
Discovery Danna Galvin
Drew Jennifer York
Glebe Katelyn Gurgiolo
Gunston Yvette Bullock
H-B Woodlawn Meg Davis
Henry Donna Townsend
Hoffman-Boston Donna Townsend
Jamestown Dr. Patricia Jones
Jefferson Shirtona Horton
Kenmore Katelyn Gurgiolo
Key Julie Illari
Langston Jennifer York
Long Branch Donna Townsend
McKinley Melissa Ledesma
Nottingham Carlette Bryan
Oakridge Meg Davis
Randolph Ragan Sohr
Reed Elaine Perkins
Stratford Shirtona Horton
Swanson Melissa Meck
Taylor Shirtona Horton
Tuckahoe Dr. Patricia Jones
Wakefield Yvette Bullock
Washington-Lee Jennifer York
Williamsburg Carlette Bryan
Yorktown Carolyn Thiell

 Street Address: 1426 North Quincy Street, Arlington, Virginia, 22207