School Closure Educational Resources for Families of Students with Disabilities

Below are resources for families of students with disabilities that include general strategies, resources and online curriculum you can access from home during the school closure due to coronavirus (COVID-19).
Please note that this page is under construction and additional resources are being added as quickly as possible.

MIPA and Functional Life Skills Elementary Instructional Resources for Home
MIPA and Functional Life Skills Secondary Instructional Resources for Home

Learning about COVID-19 and Precautions

Arlington Public Schools Learning at Home site has wonderful educational resources, activities, and suggestions on coping with stress.

Assistive Technology Resources

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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources

Eating Resources

Establishing Daily Routines

Graphic Organizers

High School Online Courses
WHRO is offering to everyone in Virginia access to twenty-five high school online courses for free during the COVID19 pandemic. Students, teachers, parents and administrators can access the courses at Courses include:

Literacy Resources


Math Resources (Many thanks to George Mason University’s TTAC for these resources)

Occupational/Physical Therapy Resources

Sensory/Self-Regulation Resources





Sign Language Resources

Social/Emotional Resources

Speech and Language Resources

Expressive and Receptive Speech and Language Resources







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